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Queiroz confirms he has alerted Alerj to murdering former mother Bope's mother and wife that he is a militia | New Orleans, Louisiana hotels

Former lawyer Fabrício Queiroz confirmed in a note that his lawyer is sending his lawyer on Tuesday (22) that he was the author of "family members" of former captain of Bope Adriano Magalhães' faculty in the office of state president and senator elected from Flávio Bolsonaro (PSL-RJ), in Alerj. The information was disclaimed by Flávio Bolsonaro.

"It is deserving to know that Mr Fabrício asked the appointment of the wife and mother of Adriano to serve as a lawyer in the office he worked for," he expressed his solidarity with the family that had great problems, because he was wrongly arrested, because of a self-expectation that later became a representative ship as a characteristic, if it was already too busy and all Integrated involved ", said the note.

Raimunda Veras Magalhães, mother of & # 39; s former captain of & # 39; a Special Operations Battalion (Bope), appearing in a report of a Financial Activity Control (Coaf) activity as one of & # 39; e people made deposits for Queiroz.

The woman, according to Coaf's report, shifted R $ 4,600 into one Queiroz account and appeared on the salary sheet of the Rio de Janeiro Legislative Assembly (Alerj) with no salary of R $ 5,124.62.

Adriano's wife, Danielle Mendonça da Costa da Nobrega, also worked in the office of Flávio Bolsonaro, and received the same salary as his father's mother. She has been named at Aljemar since November 2010 and was exterminated together with Raimunda.

Adriano, also called Gordinho, was one of the goals of operation that started on Tuesday (22) by the Rio de Janeiro's Public Ministry and Citizens' Pole to earn militiamen of land-based fortunes. Until the last update of this article, the former PM was considered a positive one.

The text from & # 39; the way from & # 39; A Queiroz defense points out that Adriano's former advisor was not always involved in "possible military activities". According to the statement, Queiroz and the former captain joined the 18th Military Political Batal (Jacarepaguá), when they worked together.

Danielle and Raimunda's indications were that the former advisor "sympathized" with the Adriano's family, who "went through great difficulties" by a prison queue that Queiroz is wrong.

The defense text states that Fabrício Queiroz wrote the author Flávio Bolsonaro for the suspicion of honoring Alerj. In addition, the former advisor said he had even told Bope's former PM to work in Flávio's office "because of the high rates of success in driving police crews".

Years later, the former PM from the company was executed, arrested twice for left with the mafia of the slot machines. Last year, Adriano was heard by the Homicide Police from the capital city as a witness & # 39; A research that investigated, the murderers of Maried Franco's councilor and Anderson Gomes, on March 14, 2018.

During a Tuesday's press conference, the MP, through the Special Action Group for Organizing Crime (Gaeco), reported that Adriano is not a member of "Muzema" and "Rio das Pedras" military groups. According to director, the fear is also suspected of involvement in the murder of a councilor and administrator.

Who is Bope's former captain

Prior to Raimunda and Danielle, Flávio Bolsonaro gave his former captain's office. In 2003, at the request of Queiroz, the Deputy proposed praise and assassination to the PM for "providing services for society with absolute speed and exception."

Earlier captain of the elite team of & # 39; A PM, Adriano was expected to include two times at the slot machine's mafia. In 2011, he was killed in Operation Desert Storm, which aimed at the game of beasts.

Captain Adriano, one of the wounds of Operation Untouchables - Photo: ReproductionCaptain Adriano, one of the wounds of Operation Untouchables - Photo: Reproduction

Captain Adriano, one of the wounds of Operation Untouchables – Photo: Reproduction

According to the MP, the former captain was responsible for the safety of a gang leader, Shanna Harrouche Garcia, the daughter of Waldomir Paes Garcia, the "Maninho", who died in 2004.

In 2014, Adriano and first lieutenant João André Ferreira Martins were found to be guilty of tax on association with the opposite.

According to police officer and police, his personality is violent, including several unknown licenses. The former captain is considered to be one of the leaders of the so-called & # 39; Office of Crime & # 39 ;, a group that & # 39; s police and former police owners make it & # 39; s earn homicides for money.

Currently, according to sources heard by the G1, he was in a staffing office and was not directly involved in & # 39; and crimes.

Flávio Bolsonaro serves agreements to Queiroz

Flávio Bolsonaro published a Tuesday on Tuesday that he was the former lawyer Fabrício Queiroz regarding & # 39; a mother from a former PM captain. In & # 39; note there & # 39; it's himself & # 39; defending the action, Flávio states the following:

"I continue to be the victim of a criminal campaign aimed at reaching Jair Bolsonaro's government. The official who appeared in the Coaf report was hired by the appointment of former adviser Fabrício Queiroz," 39, keep his work.

I cannot be held accountable for documents that I do not know, only now with information from this body. I am intellectual that everyone is read and judged responsible in & # 39; e law.

Regarding the relationship of an official who is the mother of a fugitive, who has been condemned by Justice, criticizes that it is more of a responsible guide to & # 39; e people can talk to me. What has offered the poor to the military, I have always been involved in the defense of official security agents and have already given hundreds of other respects. If you don't, you should answer for their records. "

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