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Petistas organize "New Year's Day with Lula" in Curitiba


Virtual kitty to pay for bus, food and drink

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November 25, 2018, 11h33

A group of women organize the New Year for the headquarters of federal police in Curitiba, former Prime Minister Lula is imprisoned. The party is organized by Bete Silvério, city secretary of São Paulo's PT. The aim should be to minimize the loneliness of politicians. "Lula can not be merely in that dungeon and so importantly important date," said Beth's website # 39; a working party.

The method of attracting the audience will be through a virtual encoding that would be found for the bus route of São Paulo to the capital of Parana. Other costs will be with the ingredients to combine a downturn in place, besides drinks. The action "solidarity" Lula strives for 5,000 trips. He also received a donation of 2,700 reais.

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