Wednesday , July 28 2021

Pastor died in buried Muzema | New Orleans, Louisiana hotels

"He stayed until May 4 the help of a municipality to get out of the rain, from chaos. [depois] Come back, because the community was still from the rain, the floods, the [de segunda-feira]. He died by saving Clara, because when the building fell, he made a shield, broke his ribs, and got a purple lung. In the past he was saved the life of his wife Adilma, who was caught by a tree, "said Claudius cousin, Bruno Rodrigues.

Cláudio's daughter, Clara Rodrigues, was resigned from Unimed Hospital, where she was taken over on Friday. His wife, Adilma Rodrigues, 35, was hospitalized in a serious state at Lourenço Jorge Hospital. About 100 people visited the funeral.

Under the taste of Claudio, it's not a fice president of the & # 39; e Muzema residents were, friends on the Muzema Futebol Clube shirt, the amateur team that played the pastor – he even played professionally in youth, even outside Brazil. Some neighbors wore a shirt with the face of a hat.

In total, the camping has killed 9 people. Another 15 are even smaller and four are still married.

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