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Other voices for Claudia Leitte and Silvio Santos & # 39;


Singer Lapa, Previous participants voice, Was included in the debate between Claudia Leitte and Silvio Santos Teletone The presenter refused to hug the singer to make sure he was "excited".

Claudia Leitte and Rafah of The Voice of 2016.

Claudia Leitte and Rafah of The Voice of 2016.

Photo: Instagram / @rafah / Estadão content

Two years ago, Rafah became news. voice Claudia called him to sit on his knees in an attempt to join him on his team.

After the dispute, the fact surfaced on social networks. Rafa defended the singer on Tuesday at the Instagram in a story.

"There was something I did not think of today, and they never thought I had a contract with Claudia Leitte. voice 2016.

"That scene, I and Claudia Leitte, there are a lot of comics and comic strips that stop their knees and use them in response to what happened between her and Silvio Santos."

Following this, Rafah emphasized the complexity and differences of the two situations and placed himself in denial of some of the content published.

"I want to clarify two facts: It is true that I did not read too much in a small comic book," I sit on my lap. I've married. "I did not say that!" & # 39;

She said, "I am almost a therapist, sitting on my lap," and I say, "In that case I have a wife," a curse or a crime. "

"The situation is very different if it is very complicated to unveil your position. One strength and the other are very different, and I know how you feel about each one."

"You have a day to do well, to curse, to curse your life and your family, and you do not do bad things, and you have bad days, people are ugly, ugly, & # 39 ;, & # 39; boring & # 39; You will be accepted as a desperate crime. "

"I mean, I have nothing to do with it!" Silvio Santos is rich!

Remind the case.

On October 13, 2016, Claudia Leitte Voice Brazil. The jury asked Rafael to sit on his lap and persuade him to go to his team.

"I am almost a therapist. Come and sit on my lap, come on," said the singer. The boy reacted unusually in turn. "In this case, I love my wife very much," Rafael said. The audience and the jury laughed.

"Come on, I was doing maternal work," Claudia refuted. The singer just said, "Oh, I understood," and Claudia said she was married.

"Let's go back to good results, please, we are here to help you with anything," the singer said.

After all, Rafael chose Claudia's team and joked, "Do you remember my wife? She dreamed of turning around, so I would choose you."

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