Sunday , May 16 2021

One glass orange orange juice changes the risk of this disease by 50%

Ua team of American researchers, followed 28,000 men for 20 years and examined how their consumption of fruit and vegetables influenced the cognitive function.

Individuals who had a small glass of soap drink had an amount of 47% less on the issue of memoryto follow instructions or to settle in areas that were known to them.

Changzheng Yuan, the leader and writer of study, said long-term consumption of vegetables, fruits and orange juice "could be beneficial."

Harvard University in the United States, surveyed, asked people – with an average age of 51 – every four years about their consumption of fruits and vegetables, discovered the British publication MailOnline.

The group with the highest consumption of vegetable consumes daily during six servings, but one cup is served one.

The group with the lowest consuming egg only two doses per day.

Just like fruit, the main body consumes as many as three servings per day, compared to the group that has the worst.

The men were then submitted to tests of memory and concepts When they reached the age of 73.

They were asked if they were enduring the latest events and items in their shopkeepers.

The study found that a total of 6.6% of men who had been absorbed in it had weak cognitive functions and were not successful in testing, while 7.9% of men who had the smallest cords had the least cognitive function.

While the fruit industry has no apparent influence on moderate cognitive problems, drinking orange adds this positive effect.

The study, published in the journal Neurology, found that only 6.9% of subjects that had sour cognitive problems.

Comparison with 8.4% of men who drink it less than once in & nbsp; a month.

Yuan said "The protective role associated with regular consumption of fruit sugars, especially among elderly".

"Because fruit juice usually contains high calorie intake due to the presence of concentrated sugars of fruit itself, it is best known not only as a small glass one day," he warns.

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