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Moro advocates for pastoral positions if the complaints are consistent.


In an interview with Fantástico, Chancellor of the Future said he would not take the position of "compromising" his bio.

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Posted on November 12, 2018, 00h18 – November 12, 2018, 00h03

Lava Jato and future Justice Minister, Sergio Morrow If the allegations were consistent, they advocated the withdrawal of ministers investigating corruption. "I think it's wrong to hear that in the past it's necessary to wait for a final decision, in the case of corruption, the evidence is analyzed and the consistency judged," Moro said in an interview with the program . Fantastic, From TV Globo. "From the outset, we can analyze the ruggedness of the evidence and make judgments of value. There is no need to wait until the court makes a decision."

Moro is the next president, Jill Bolsonaro (PSL) decided to remove corruption suspects. "I will not assume the role of the Attorney General in the risk of jeopardizing my background, my background, and this is the subject of discussion," said the judge.

The judge also said his role at the government would be technical and would not run for president in 2022. I am not a lying politician. Sorry. I have respect for politicians, but there are good and bad politicians. There are politicians who lack the truth. I do not lack the truth. "He said that his name could be" considered "when there was a vacancy in the prospect of taking office in the Supreme Court.


The judge denied a conflict of interest between his activities and the activities of the judge in the operation of Lava Jato, investigating corruption crimes against former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. Pacific Standard was able to prevent disputes in the case of Guarujá (SP) due to Trio's ruling and was sentenced to Moro's sentence. "The issue of Lula 's president no longer belongs to me, but to the court of justice," he said.

"I made a decision on Lula in mid-2017 and did not know the next presidential election candidate, Jair Bolsonaro, I will unite the progress of the lava jet in Brasilia, partly because there is no corruption in the election, There was a strong impression of the political system that did not do it. The president-elect was confirmed as a person who would change his current status. "

Weapon possession

Moro said the current rules on weapons possession are limited, which "can not be a source of concern for people." In his view, the problem with the liberation of the population to keep firearms at home is not "shrinking or non-criminal" but the realization of the Bolsonaro campaign promise. "The next president has a commitment to voters," he said.

Asking about the legitimacy of Wilson Witchell (PSC), Governor of Rio de Janeiro, who defended the "killing" of a rifle-holding person, Moro said, "We need to talk more carefully and see what Witzel means." However, the suspect's opinion, he said, "I do not think it is reasonable to wait for a criminal to shoot him with a machine gun or gun before the police take any action." He also added that the legislation will question legal reforms if necessary, although he doubts whether the legislation will no longer guarantee the freedom to shoot criminals in dangerous situations.

"I believe it is impossible to establish a criminal policy based on shooting confrontation," said the future minister of justice. And the state must take more determined action against the criminal organization and can not strive to reduce the kill rate.

Reduce the number of crimes and ethnic minorities

With the decline in the majority of crimes, Moro confirmed that the government was not in a closed position. Bolsonaro wants to review his age for 16 years, but the judge is resistant. "There is a need to protect puberty, so the crime age is 18. But even young people between the ages of 16 and 18 think it's reasonable to say they already know that it is wrong to kill them."

Moro also denied that Bolsonaro is pursuing a minority like homosexual. "The fact that the person is heterosexual, homosexual, white, black and Asian is absolutely indifferent, and nothing will change, I have a great friend who is a homosexual, some of the best people I know are homosexual," .

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