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Médico chinês diz ter criado primeiros bebés geneticamente modificados – Galileo


He Jiankui, medicinal chinese, has first pretended to be genetic drugs (Photo: Reproduction / YouTube)

O pesquisador chinês He Jiankui declares the use of CRISPR (Repetition Palindrômicas Curtas Agrupadas e Regularmente Interespaçadas) to criar primeiros bebés geneticamente modificados do mundo, duas meninas gêmeas que nasceram este mês. There are no signs of evidences, esthetics or dados to regulate your affirmations. E se verdade, alguns especialistas temem que a façanha possa abrir a porta para "nenéns de grife".

Jiankui argues that our genes have embraced our genitals, but the implants have now come to my mind with the purpose of preventing HIV infection from HIV. Apart from the documents that compromise this, the proficiency of the region that conveys the tract of the acreditam that this is possible.

Crianças sob encomenda
The human rights of human emblems have come to many countries, but no one is against China. Ainda assim, a prática e contestada por muitos pesquisadores. In the group of 122 cientistas chamou as the Jiankui of the "loucas" and afirmo that "the biggest golfer for the global reputation and development of Chinese culture" has been set.

The human embryos underwent red-haired edits, cientistas that no future blood sugar genetic modifications have added to the characteristics of the athletic processes, intelligence and attenuation of the bile. It is possible to distant possibilities as far as the precaution is concerned with the following: The metadata uses for genetic engineering to alter other forms of imprint form.

Representative art of Crispr-Cas9 (Photo: Flickr / Ernesto del Aguila III, National Human Genome Research Institute, NIH / Creative Commons)

Contra o HIV
The twenty-fifth anniversary of the Jiankui (26th), the Inter-American World Cup seminar on the Humano Humano Foundation in Hong Kong. The interviewer in the Associated Press (AP), the fact that recruitment is a hospitality case for our HIV infection. The pesquisador fez fertilização in vitro para criar embriões humanos resistentes in vírus, direcionando the genus Crispr-Cas9 para desativar o genre CCR₅, que era un proteinza de HIV entrar nas células humanas.

The acne relates to the AP aggregation, which still does not prevent transmission of HIV from the embryo to the embryo, which is the risk of transmission when it comes to experimental conditions in the fertilization process in vitro. In this case, the defenseman who protrudes over the beard since infestation occurs over the past few years.

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The Chinese subsidiary advised that the lawsuit was a problem in other genres. These are the ones that have taken place as "the roots of life," and the fact that they live with HIV unless they discriminate on China. "There is no responsibility for the fact that nobody is responsible for the prime minister's office, but it's a matter of fact," said Jiankui. "The societe decides whether or not it will work."

It is programmed that a palestral quartz (28), a cube, and genetic engineering, and the organizers do not even have the opportunity to discuss the experiment.

No more is there to AP, Jiankui colocou saves videos on YouTube (as a legenda in English) to justify the experiment and explore how it feels. The team has been interviewing the spotted people and listens to their laboratories and for the first time, the Lula and Nana chamadas.

Corrente científica
Incomprehensible that cientistas have always been an inventory of inventors who have been able to send their own records to colegial academies. Jiankui affirms to obtain permission to perform the work of the Shenzhen Harmonicare hospital in the hospital. The study, the hospital, is interviewing with the Chinese media, the government has become involved.

Cheng Zhen, Shenzhen Harmonicare, a local politician who investigates or suspends the "fraudulent fraudulent material" article, secondly, about jornal chinese Beijing News.

Universidad de Ciência e Tecnologia do Sul da China (Foto: Huangdan2060 / Wikimedia Commons)

The University of Ciència and Technology, as Jiankui and Associate Professor, commented that they were licensed for the remuneraçation of this year. Além disso, declarou que le projet "é uma violação séria da ética académica e academiche acadêmicas". "A Universidad de Ciência e Tecnologia do Sul exige rigorosamente que as pesquisas científicas cumpram as normas acadêmicas e éticas internacionais, acordo com e leis e regimentos nacionais ", diz a declaração.

The comunicated divulgado of the twenty-second (26), and the state-owned sourcing of China announced that investing in the sums of cash from the Guangdong Province.

The Sociedade de la Biologia Celular também emitiu una declaración, chamando a pesquisa de "grave violação de leis e regimentos de governo chinês e consenso da comunidade científica chinea".

In addition, psychologists have been criticized at Jiankui's athleticism, beyond the fact that they have released documents that can have the revisions, and that, as an analysis of the project, they can build with their dad and fat base.

(Com informações de The New York Times, Science Alert e Science Mag)

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