Friday , May 7 2021

Medical warning for penile cancer, disease that can lead to death

Manaus – Rare disease and slow first development, penis cancer is still a myth among men. As a result of the lack of hygiene and, usually, infections caused by human papilloma virus (HPV), the disease is more likely to lead to 50 men and can lead to amputation of The surgery, as the diagnostic term, explains the surgeon urologist at the urological center of Amazonas (Urocentro), Giuseppe Figliuolo.

Penile Cancer: In the rest of the stage, the disease can lead to the amputation of the organ and even death. (Photo: Reproduction)

He states that painful cancer begins with a slight peak beneath the penis (head of 'penis') or warns that does not heal. Frequently determine the pallet to use salts, teas, infections, among others, in illusions that the problem will be treated. But, in time, the lecture starts to blaze and then grow in & # 39; Quickly, take proportos, sometimes unreversibly. "When we deal in the first phase, a small surgery refers to the work and suffers from the disease's focus. But also the patient is required to follow a few years to ensure that the cancer is not returns. "

Already in elevated podium, the disease can lead to organizing and even death. "In spite of a much lower incidence or prostate cancer, for example, penicillary anchor is the only one that most traumatic results bring to the individual or sometimes treated. This is because people ignore the first signs and, instead of looking for a specialist doctor , they try for unique stairs, without the idea of ​​'diagonal, "he said.

Therefore, the surgeon specializes in oncology that is important to learn people about the importance of medical help as needed. "Cultural, the male population still has some resistance in the prevention effort and only looks for the doctor if there is some symptom. This is the big mistake we have made to correct, to get rid of The more people are aware and understand that the fresh diagnosis is the best way to treat diseases such as this, the more we want to keep in mind and the better viability that we give our patients. "

Giuseppe Figliuolo explains that the diagnosis of disease begins with the clinical evaluation by an urologist, followed by biopsia (footstep from) for psychological analysis, an exam that determines whether it is a malignant or well-informed is.

To prevent the disease, the doctor advises the correction of phimosis (inability to exhibit glances), using condoms in the sex and a good hygiene of a penis, with deep and water and removing all the socks placed above or below the skin. "We're re-registered, they are simple measures. Symptoms can collect and cause, such as continuous illumination processes, that have long been included in the cancer's development," said the surgeon.

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