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MasterChef Professionals: Manoel says goodbye to '' competition with exciting reasons for Paola


Keukavier Manuel Lebron was closed on Tuesday afternoon (27) at MasterChef Professionals. The mining company made a version of "Colombian tray," which did not reach the level of Henrique Fogaça, Paola Carosella and Erick Jacquin.

Despite being smacked, Manuel was assessed as "simpler" than Willian's – the first to climb the pagan and heavenly. In addition to Raphael, both are the semi-finalists of this issue of the program.

The test consisted of the recording of a recipe that was randomly selected by the participants in the MasterChef Professional book. At that moment, Manoela relies on getting the barley, but no luck.

"It was very difficult to represent my ideas in time of race, I think I just stopped and think what to do, I was doing, doing and making the result unsuitable For the kitchen or myself, when I went in automatic mode, I think I would say that I was a lot of emotional emotions, "said Manuel.

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"It had this irony of the lot, of a great different dish and at the same time, something else, which is part of my culture, of my region." It got me in a way that I did not know much about trying to make it to the Minas Gerais site, but it does not work, I think I'm not much … I do not think. "

In addition to the sky in the direction of light heard manuel on & # 39; the compulsive joy of Paola Carosella. "You have a talented talent that you can do a lot of life," he said.

In an inspirational tone, Paola learned the manual position of Manuel – that, according to the juris, is very tired for a woman who received the advice.

Paola also has the miner regarding the simplicity of ingredients and aroma that they have promised they have introduced the program. "You make high gastronomic respects for their essence," he said.

Many thanks to the words of Lawyer, Manuela asked to take action at Paola's restaurant, where they were accepted. "Earlier, I get up again with one participant," says Paola for he will take the competitor to the exit of MasterChef Professional.

Look at the fare:

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