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Lula passes 'momento mais difícil' after prisão após eleições, diz Haddad


An interview with 'Folha de S. Paulo', ex-prefeito paulistano criticized the School of the Parties and affirmed the evangelical vote for his decision


26 nov 2018, 08h50 – Posted on Nov 26, 2018, 08h41

O ex-prefeito de São Paulo Fernando Haddad, candidates from the Presidency of the Republic of the Republic of PT, advocate a juryal interview Folha de S. Paulo que o ex-presidente Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, precisely one week in Curitiba, passes through "momento ma difícil" or prisão após a presidential electoral. Conducted in second instancation at 12 years and 1 month on the pretext of criminal liability crime and money laundering, Baroque Lula has been disputing the Palacio de Planalto as the base of Lei da Ficha Limpa. Ele liderava as pesquisas de intenção de voto.

"I remember that Lula's electorate is now more difficult. The mass and capacity of the regeneration are great. Já superou um câncer, e perda da esposa, a liberación de liberada ", declarou.

Advocated by former president, Haddad is now admitted to the Federal Supervisory Authority in Curitiba. Durante a campanha no primeiro turno, when buscava will transfer to the votes of Lula, the ex-prefect or visitor semantically. No second turn, depending on the way to reach the exit of the ex-presidential electorate. No novice in November, Fernando Haddad is meeting with Lula on the prime minister's prize for electoral fees.

Questioned about the perspectives of PT's involvement in the search for their lips, the pre-emptive paulist does not "say a word", and the petition of a "former" presidential prisoner "confused" with the democracy of the Democratic Estadoque de direito. Finally, the minister of the Superior Tribunal de Justice (STJ) Felix Fischer negle monokratamente a recurso da defesa de Lula para que ele fosse absolvido. Cabe recurso.

Fernando Haddad, a member of the Ministry of Education, criticized the project of the Electoral Party, defendant at the presidential election, Jair Bolsonaro (PSL), and visa to co-ordinate educational ideology in escolas and universities.

This is a representative of the Democratic Republic of Democratic Republic, Haddad is the professor of Portuguese Souza Santos and who is at the heart of the "system of hymns", in which "anti-democracy can be manifested by the institutions". The School of Student Parties has been classified as an example of the "authoritarian project that is located in the democracy".

"O STF pode barrá-lo. What are the modern and modern contracts of modern republic? They do not operate, you're a hobby model, with a critique of autoritarism. Estamos have lived in the largest media model. When there is a president who does not see a video that the brutal students have filmed with their professors and media, are you in the democracy or in the diaspora? ", Indagou.

As for the Bolsonian electorate, Fernando Haddad has said that "it is a political elite that does not mean that they have never seen any part of the history of Brazil. As a class conductor, you will be able to enter into the world or the future. "

The petrist has eight seconds, she tries to intervene among the evangelicals as the vicissitudes of the voting received by the Nicholas, who have come to the electorate. "A regressive delay occurs in the world of high quality. Have an evangelistic phenomenon about the qualities we have debuted. Não podemos de barato que essas pessoas estão perdidas. 'The Protestant Ethics and the Capitalist Capital' is the Max Weber's classic. In the case of Deveria, the "Neo-Neo-Consciousness and the Neoliberalism of the United States" declares.

"As the end of this crisis, we have the opportunity to take a diagram on the Catholic Church, in order to help us to shrivel off the channel with an evangelical seal, respectering our hearts," concludes.

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