Tuesday , January 19 2021

Luiza Possi sings in honor of Paulinho do Roupas Nova

Singer Luiza Possi sang the song ‘Volta Pra Mim’, by Roupas Nova, as a tribute to Paulinho, lead singer of the band who died in December last year. She participated in the Altas Horas program, which aired today.

“It’s a tribute from the bottom of my heart to Paulinho. With God having him and being good where he is,” the singer said. “With the group’s new clothes being rebuilt, Paulinho’s family is being rebuilt, as are the families of so many people that we have lost to this terrible disease,” he said in reference to covid-19.

Paulinho died on December 14, at the age of 68, from complications caused by covid-19. He recovered at the time three months ago performing a bone marrow transplant. During the rehabilitation period, he received covid-19 and had to be admitted in early November.

Luiza’s tribute to Paulinho echoed on social media. See the reaction of Internet users:

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