Saturday , September 18 2021

Lawyer from TO accesses SUS app and discovers that their data was used to withdraw 2,000 doses of medicine in São Paulo | Tocantins

Some Tocantins using the Connect SUS application, from the Ministry of Health, have noticed an early movement in the system. That was the case of lawyer Giovanna Piazza. While accessing the app, she discovered that someone was using her data to pick up 2,000 doses of medicine in the interior of São Paulo.

“I was on a social network and I saw a friend posting that the same thing happened to her. She saw that she had taken medication on her behalf in another city she had never been to before and I decided to check if there was “what was strange about my data. in the application of Conecta SUS, there were three withdrawals of a medicine that I had never used in a city where I had never been,” he said.

There were three withdrawals of medicines used to treat respiratory diseases. In light of the facts, she registered a police report and reported the matter to the Ministry of Public Health.

Conecta SUS is provided by the federal government on an Internet platform and in a mobile phone application. In the system it is possible to check all user records of the Unified Health System. It is possible to take appointments, hospitalizations, history of faxes and medicines for example for free.

Connect SUS itself provides information on what to do if the CPF is used incorrectly. The guidance of the Ministry of Health is to report the situation, by e-mail or by telephone 136.

According to lawyer Luiz Augusto D’Urso, a specialist in cybercrime, this situation could be a system error or fraud. In any case, the cases should be investigated and whoever did not use the data properly should protect themselves.

“The police report must be drawn up immediately. It will be the document that will provoke both the initiation of a police investigation to investigate whether there is a crime, as well as the detention of this victim to show that he is taking these drugs. never has removed, “he explained.

What does the Ministry of Health say?

The Ministry of Health announced that the Connect SUS citizen applications will be created from the information entered into the drug withdrawal systems from the Popular Pharmacy program

“The folder reinforces that if a difference in the information is identified, the user can access support in the application itself, via the ‘Talk to Connect SUS’ menu, so that the situation is notified and investigated.”

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