Monday , October 25 2021

Latino reata is busy with Jéssica Rodrigues and keep in touch with secret


Latino and Jéssica Rodrigues restored the relationship, but kept this secret secretly. A month ago, just before they finished, the singer began to look at the Soul Batista Church, in Barra da Tijuca, in & # 39; the West Zone of Rio.

Latino and woman reatta
Latino and woman reatta

Latino stayed at Pastor Danielle Favatto, from Rome, and her current husband. Glue Lucas. Who has the artist since he is renewed. The last Sunday he took Jessica, her mother and mother to church. The last Tuesday Latino made a photo Jessica on her shoulder. "We are all sold with a series of great light chances as impossible situations. Only a very in-time relationship with Jesus to restore two hearts and one story," he wrote.

The singer and personal trainer had in October their commitment to the Order of Latino noblemen. At that time, the artist also sought the help of a path therapist.

Latino and Jéssica Rodrigues recruited
Latino and Jéssica Rodrigues Receive Assumption Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

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