Thursday , January 27 2022

Justice has the opening of gates and reduction of Econorte rates in Paraná


The 1st Federal Court of Jacarezinho contained the opening of the gates and finally escaped from & nbsp; e Jacarezinho Toll plaza in Northern Pioneer of Paraná and the direct reduction of & # 39; The rates are 26.75% in all other squads, managed by Econorte in the state. The conservator is examined by Lava Jato for irregularities in additions signed by Wegen (DER).

The submission was given to a public civic action that was filed by the Federal Office of Operation Integration, 48th Lavava phase, launched in February of this year. The investigation led to the arrest of former director Nelson Leal Júnior and former Econorte director Hélio Ogama. Today, both signatories and proven the scheme of expanding add-ons and paying tips that are until 1999.

According to the clients, the contractual additions were signed with all six state concessions and various plans, as they increased twelve rates for the user. According to Econorte, Nelson Leal said that an adjustment agreement was concluded and three additional expenses were made, making the tariff step increased by 24.75% and 2.75% and also the obligation to work for Contorno Norte de Londrina in exchanging expectations of the duplication of Procópio-Jataizinho.

In contrast, the former director of the # 1 received the unusual benefits in & # 39; a form of months of & # 39; the cost and fees of travel and hotel accommodation.

In an injunction, the judge Rogério Cangusso Dantas Cachichi says "it would be unreliable to give strong movements of systemic corruption in additives.

"Compared to the restoration of a real economic financial balance of the contract, the aim is, it seems to be a wealth of benefits from the rules (individuals and businesses) to make a "crash of traffic jams," he said.

Apart from the opening gate and the preparations, the magistrate has also signed Econorte subsidies of new subsidies with DER / PR, blocked R $ 1 billion of accounts from Grupo Triunfo, controller of the consulate, and the return in 30 days of & # 39; the works of Northern Londrina control.

Length of Jato on the road

Operation Integration focuses on the practice of corruption, money recovery, taxation, stealing and failure in administration of federal automobiles in Paraná, including Econorte. According to the Bundestag, the consulate has a network of false and over-the-counter contracts for the production of insured citizens and overflow of business costs.

Econorte used his subsidiary, Rio Tibagi, to get a balance in concessions and tariffs, says the police. The agreements were "bought" by paying revenues and unwarranted money.

According to Nelson Leal, a former CEO and an integral, the additions were "very beneficial to the concessions and were under pressure from the state government." He states that in 2011 the government of Beto Richa (PSDB) in # 39; taught the Council that the councilors had financially supported the campaign of general governors and that he would also submit in contractual supplements to the interests of " the concession.

The damage caused by Econorte, according to earnings by the Federal Public Ministry, is more than R $ 500 million travels – more than R $ 159 million would only be for the exorbitant benefits that users use.

With the word, Econorte

Econorte was proclaimed a decision and was all the decree of justice. The conciliator shall take all legal and legal measures to ensure their rights in the judgment of the decision.

With the word, Beto Richa

The report deals with the defense and advice from Beto Richa. The space is open to manifestation.

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