Friday , January 27 2023

Jair Ventura v Corinthians traditionally reinforced late draw


Corinthians are still in danger of being demoted in this Saturday's home, with a 1-1 draw against Sao Paulo. In the next game you will meet Cruzeiro (already categorized as Libertadores) in Minas Gerais. In the case of coach Jair Ventura, the team was uncomfortable on the table but strong in classics.

"I am climbing my perimeter, and if we look at what we deliver, we should not be there, we have to win again, I will be true, and there will be a logical mathematical opportunity, "Coach said at a press conference at the Arena Corridor.

The bishop says Corinthians have created more opportunities than Sao Paulo, even if a player is small. "We knew we had to defend ourselves (after Araos expelled) and knew that the other side would be more aggressive, and we knew we had to defend ourselves well, but we had to come if we did not knead it. there are more box-to-box features, "he said." When I lose my teammate, I run twice.

To the coach the team was noticed for player appearance and tactical organization. "We learned from football that you were not today when you were not technically the best day and that you had to provide everything in the arena," said Jair Ventura, who is in charge of the game. Said: "I think it will be a very good match.

The coach talked with midfielder Araos, who left in the first half. "Well, of course, the player's suffering eventually became a fuel that could run for him more," he says, "and he always shows a classic with one player down, and we can not say we will win. It will increase the chances of winning, "he said.

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