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"In order not to be easy" Cauã, who is the person of "Iron Island" – 13th of October, 2010


Cauã Reymond was betrayed by his brother and girl in the "Iron Island" series by Max Mallmann and Adriana Lunardi, making his debut on Wednesday (12) GloboPlay and next Tuesday (19) "Hot Screen" special episode. Globo's

"PLT-137 Production Coordinator Dante spends two weeks on the oil platform and the island of Iron," he said. "One hour with a helicopter on the coast of Brazil and another two weeks at home with his wife Leona (Sophie Charlotte) .

Leona is a poor woman with a complex personality and begins a series of confessions to her husband and brother of Bruno (Klebber Toledo), pilot of a helicopter on a platform tanker.

"I betrayed you to your brother, I gave it to Bruno." She confessed after spending the night with her husband.

"From the middle to the end the conspiracy proceeded in a suspense manner, but we did a very heavy drama, especially the moment of my Klebber character with Sophie, [Casadevall]"Said Kauang, who began the series on Tuesday (13) in Rio.

Discovering the betrayal of his wife and brother, Dante escaped control and fought during a helicopter flight.

Jealousy of a girl character

At the same time that there was a strong family drama, the tanker was delighted with the dream of becoming a platform manager, and was surprised at the arrival of Julia (Maria Casadevall) engineer. Oil, who occupied.

"I think female characters are very strong, sometimes jealous, and when I have good male characters, women are shining and I think they should shine." He said.

"I have learned a lot from Sophie and Mary, I think I will be with Dante when I do not understand," he complains about maturity throughout the series in relation to his masculinity. A man, a good professional, a sudden woman is as good as a man. "

At work, Kauang speaks enthusiastically about his project. "I chose to participate in this project and when I made my choice I denied a very interesting person here on a very powerful and powerful vehicle."

When the subject was a personal life, the actor did not want to comment on reopening the relationship with Mariana Goldfarb. They shot together a movie actor, Dom Pedro, in the Lake District of Arraial do Cabo, Rio.

"Ah …" He said goodbye to the reporters and said thank you.

There are 12 episodes in the first season of "Iron Island". The second season is already in production and the third season has been confirmed. The series, directed by Afonso Poyart, include Osmar Prado, Taumaturgo Ferreira, Jonathan Azevedo and Milher Cortaz. Cassia Kis still plays a special role as the mother of Dante and Bruno, and they still abandon them when they are children.

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