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How to prevent and prevent good stores on this Black Friday – Epoch BUSINESS


Previously, did you really know everything to buy? (Photo: Getty Images)

For a lot is the Black Friday It's time to switch smartphones, build the house, rebuild the cabinet or fill the bookcase. The date is Friday (23/11) and is essentially more advantageous than the rest of the year. But, as most know, the reality is not always the case. Since popular in Brazil, the date is known to make misleading promotions and even cyber-fraud.

Therefore, people need you to benefit from & # 39; The promotion must be aware. Trafficking factors such as price shifting and real estate ownership are just some of the basics to make real-life purchases and preventing it in the & nbsp; the future.

For Sérgio Tannuri, a lawyer specializing in consumer protection, this is the trend in recent years. "The consumer is smarter and trying to find out more, so the stores are more considerate with their promotion," he says. Try some tips to protect and make use of offers:

Make sure your site is safe and true
One of the first factors of attention is the authenticity of & # 39; the site and the shop where the offer is. Make purchasing unknown websites and always check to see if the store in question really exists. Already in the case of famous stores, you need to prevent occurrence of so-called mirror browsers – preventing the interface of trusted websites to cause false traffic. "Cybercrimes have improved every year. In some cases, the original site is" & # 39; and the copy has only 39 .com, "said the lawyer.

Be aware of email or post on social networks that can be misled. Before you access the web pages of your browser. Certified pages have a search on the left side of the email address, such as links starting with "https: //". If you install an anti-virus on your computer or smartphone, you can also help prevent malicious sites from occurring.

Compare several websites and offers
In many cases, the rates & # 39; You will be presented by the Web sites at prices well above those that are marketed on the market. For example, can be offered a sofa "from $ 2,999.00 to R $ 659", for example, can be found for the same price, or lower prices, on websites that do not even promote it. So it is worth studying the value of products on different web sites to optimize a specific offer.

Check the reputation of a store
Once your price is fixed, you must check to see if the store usually teaches to its clients – such as delivery time and return. Pages like the advertisements here, besides proxy itself, they are useful for checking the & quot; reputation of & quot; the market and the occurrence of problems after the purchase. Procon also offers a list of awesome websites for online stores.

Follow the prize history
One of the most important blacksmith consumers on black Friday is to get pre-paid prices on things that are going on & # 39; the date is offered. The appearance of price increase in months or weeks prior to the date can be verified with the help of some websites such as Buscapé and Zoom. In them, you can check the price increase and reduce product diagrams in certain periods and offer on different Web sites. Protest has launched a survey of the price of more than 800 products.

Become good on loans
Promotions that offer expensive products to extreme prices or those that need to be uploaded items such as smartphones of the latest generation must be raised. In general, the largest services are directed to products that are already on & # 39; The market is and in the market for a long time – and even in those cases it is worthwhile to wake up wonderful services. Check the reliability of a store and the conditions of purchase or superfluous service to prevent shady or unexpected surprises.

Please visit customer and email information
According to Tannuri, it is important to store your data as the order number, the date and time of purchase and e-mail that relate to the procedure. Information may be required in case of problems with the purchase. If you get the product, check even if it comes with the invoice.

Save your data and your money
In addition to the website chosen for purchase, it is recommended to be remarkable on the own Internet network used to make it. Prepare private networks instead of public and prevent you from saving information on websites. Try to create different passwords for each account and never use the same password as your bank account or e-mail account.

If it is possible, it is also recommended to pay with credit card or platforms as PayPal. This is to allow the purchase of replacement in cases of irregularities – which does not occur in payments with ticket or transfer.

Know your rights – and know where you have
Whether online shopping has to guarantee some rights. Besides the possibility of making the purchase in the event of loss of consent, the consumers also have the right to strike: after receiving the product they have a period of seven days to recover and the money and the value of returning. This is for you, at the head online, it is not possible to decide on factors such as the performance of the product. The product must be intact and not used.

However, in contrast, not all the rights we think are actually guaranteed by law. Tannuri shows that the ability to sell a product does not seem like, for example, is offered as a "household" by the shops. According to him, the obligation exists only in cases of defects or other products as announced. Therefore, it is crucial to check the computer's browsing skills.

The lawyer also advises gathering information to control the offerings by mastering the shops, which can be used when the setup attempts to use different prizes in the purchase time. "It is very important to know that the supplier is justified is what he promised," he says.

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