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Hamilton, Samba and win in Sunday Brazilian way


Lewis Hamilton, who has won five times, has a positive memory of getting more Brazilian spirit from Interpol through Sao Paulo on Sunday. English Rider won the Brazilian Grand Prix and gave Mercedes the title of World Constructors Championship, which gave him a lot of energy. He fell to samba at the podium with the passistas of the tattoo aphitist.

Hamilton's Brazilian origin was evident at several moments in the Brazilian Grand Prix. Ayrton Senna's fan, Pilot ordered a special picture of a helmet decorated by the same yellow used by the idol and behind the pictures of Christ Redeemer. In the second victory of Inter Milan, the British took the lead after Max Verstappen of Red Bull and Kimi Raikkonen of Ferrari.

Lewis Hamilton was the most famous rider for the weekend and was applauded by the biggest audience in the last eight years in this Sunday's game. During the weekend, there were about 150,000 people in Interratos, according to the organization.

Brazil's victory was prompted by an accident. After kneeling 45 laps, Verstappen's leader crashed in the second half trying to pass the Esteban Ocon. When two people got on the track and Hamilton and his Mercedes surpassed the Dutch, they were able to get back a few laps earlier.

The world's fifth-ranked champion fell into the polar regions and had a fairly regular weekend. As a result of Brazil, Ryder has shown that winning is not as comfortable as guaranteed achievement.

After the game, Hamilton said Verstappen made a mistake. "Fortunately, he continued running without hurting himself, and I would have behaved differently because the two did not compete for the spot," the English champion said.


Having a victory over a direct competitor's accident did not reduce Lewis's joy. The pilot left the car after he parked and finished the race. He ran to embrace the crowded mechanic to greet the champion five times and eventually the metal structure fell. Lewis is down.

The joy of victory was so great that everyone did not care about the accident. As a result, Mercedes won the fifth title at the Constructors World Championship. "These mechanics have worked hard and it has been an amazing journey with them over the past few years, everyone is working hard and it was an honor to have led them this season," he said.

At the podium, Hamilton burst champagne and fell into Samba with the beautiful Mulatto. An Englishman who listened to music as a major hobby reached out to passersby and ordered rhythm.

The GP from Brazil left the Englishman closer to Germany's Michael Schumacher Formula 1 victory. The scoreboard is currently 91-72.


Hamilton's brilliance contrasted with the discretion of other important GP characters. Fernando Alonso of Spain spoke goodbye to Interlagos and won two world titles for the 17th time. McLaren driver won two championship championships behind the leader. And Abu Dhabi now embarks on a final test of his F-1 career.

Known as a strong genius, Alonso resigned as a result. "It was a normal day, and whatever we did, we were not in the top 10," he said. A Spanish player does not win the track and says goodbye to Interlos.

Interlagos is an astounding record in Hamilton and Alonso history. In 2007, two drivers were McLaren teammates when they came to Brazil for the title race. Both players missed the chance to win. After a year marked by internal fighting, Spain preferred to leave the team.

Fernando Alonso has dominated the England man division, so competition is intensifying recently and he has been competing in other areas to be competitive. In Brazil he rides China to compete in endurance world championship races.

"We know that Formula 1 will repeat the results every 15 days, similar to what we did at Abu Dhabi in the interchange, and we must strive to have a good race." Alonso's main goal in 2019 is to win the Indianapolis 500.

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