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Grêmio wins Vasco at home. São Paulo eliminated from G4.


Vasco da Gama tied the tie in the second half of the second half after Matheus Henrique was kicked out of the center of the street goalkeeper Martin in the 49th minute of a visit to the powerful Grammy on Sunday afternoon in the 33rd round of the Brazilian championship. Silva scored a two-to-one score and swallowed the chicken. In the first half, Tiago Galhardo scored Carriacas's goal and Jael broke up with Gaucho.

With a win, Grêmio took fifth place (58 points) on the table, overtaking Sao Paulo. Vasco has dropped to 15th place with 38 goals and may fall further before the round ends.

In the next round Vasco will receive Atletico Paranaense on Wednesday at São Januário. The next day, Grêmio visits Morumbi's São Paulo in a direct confrontation with the G4's place.


The duel at the Grêmio Arena was controversial. Even though he played in the opponent's house, Vasco did not give up the attack, though he did well in the middle. It was an obvious ambition of Grêmio to use method.

Vasco was the first player to reach the opponent's goal, but there was not much risk. At 6 o'clock Tiago Galhardi tried a shot from outside the area but weakened the center of the goal to ease Paulo Victor's defense.

Grêmio answered in the next few moments and almost scored. Cortez slid to the left in this area, and Said reached the bottom line and crossed again. Oswaldo Henríquez is far away, but Alisson is rebounding, straight, and kicking. The ball passes Martín Silva and Ricardo blocks Grêmio's first goal.

The first goal of the game came at 12 o'clock in a fast counterattack by Vasco. Thiago Galhardo started speeding in the big circle and ahead of Maxi Lopez. The Argentinian striker returned to the heels and the midfielder reached the net when he made the penalty, but Paulo Victor had no chance.

Grêmio was not shaken, and after a few minutes he left to find a tie to his left. Léo Moura makes a beautiful play in a wonderful afternoon and goes up to the line base and the second bar. Jael nodded at the goal without scoring.

Vasco had another chance in the 27th minute. Marrony moved to the left and touched the middle of Thiago Galhardo. The midfielder scored in the first half and tried to score with Victor Victor, but the ball left the crossbar.

In the second half, Grêmio began pushing for victory while Vasco retreated. Tri-colored Gaucho extended ownership of the ball and played more in the opponent's field. However, the commander of Renato Gaúcho had difficulty in creating the play and achieving his goals.

Alberto Valentim, an engineer who felt Grêmio pressuring his team, tried to reinforce the attack at the entrance of Rildo instead of Marrony, but the panorama of the game looked exactly the same.

Vasco's situation was dramatic in half an hour. Everton took the remaining cross and dropped the bomb. Luiz Gustavo (Luiz Gustavo) takes the 33rd corner.

Renato Gaucho replaced the striker Marinho on behalf of Léo Moura. In his first move, Marinho almost turned the board. Jean, who played at speed, worked in the middle and threw Alisson to the right. He touched the area for Marinho and the striker first sent the ball through the bottom line.

The next minute, the same Marinho was on the front, leaving the mark and risking the area and shedding the ball again.

Tired, Vasco did his best and walked to the tie from the final scoreboard. Martín Silva seemed to be floating in the air as he elegantly headed in to make the score 2 –

Technical Datasheet


location : Grêmio Arena, Porto Alegre (RS)

date : November 11, 2018 (Sunday)

schedule : 5pm (Brasilia departure)

Referee : Rafael Claus (Fifa-SP)

Assistant: Emerson Augusto de Caballo (Fifa-SP) and Rogerio Pavlos Janardo (SP)

Yellow cards: Paulo Miranda, Marinho (Grêmio); Ricardo, Thiago Galhardo, Jago Pikachu, Lucas Cal (Basco)

income : R $ 666,258.00

Target: 22,622 gifts (20,763 pays)

goal :

GRMIMI: Jael, 19 minutes in 1º time; Matheus Henrique, 49 minutes into the game

Vasco: Thiago Galhardo, 12 minutes from the first half

GRMIMI: Paulo Victor; Marinho; Geromel, Paulo Miranda and Cortez; Matheus Henrique, Michelle, Alison, Jean Pyrere, Everton; Yael

technician : Renato Gaucho

Vasco: Martin Silva, Luis Gustavo (Lucas Carl), Ricardo, Oswaldo Henriques, Ramon. Andrey, Willian Maranhão, Yago Pikachu and Thiago Galhardo (Raul); Maroni (Rildo) and Maxi Lopez

technician : Alberto Valentini

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