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"Game of Thrones" has an exciting comeback with decisive reunions – 04/14/2019

ATTENTION: The text below contains spoilers of the first episode of the eighth season of "Game of Thrones". Do not read if you do not know what is happening.

After a long wait, "Game of Thrones" returned on Sunday afternoon in high expectations – and did not escape. The epic series of HBO began his farewell with an episode full of gatherings and decisive reunions that had always been there: palatial intrigue and shocking publications.

With a more frequent calendar than expected for a season premier, the plot has offered a full album to the fans, mixing good mood, dragon and much nostalgia. The episode made direct references to the first of the entire series, which was eight years ago in & # 39; Write a run from & # 39; series Even a free nudity, that & # 39; t in & # 39; Lost in recent years, went back to a "special trip".

Two conflicting rulers

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Sansa has never liked Daenerys. Image: Declaration

Loss, it began to shorten with the arrival of Jon Weather – Agrarwetter Kit Haringtonand Daenerys (Emilia Clarkea Winterfell, A series of events reduces the politics in the seven kingdoms are always complicated, even if there is an army of independence at & # 39; a door knocks.

Sansa (Sophie Turner), who was responsible for the kingdom, while Jon dared to support Daenys, soon became uncomfortable with the advent of a new queen. And for some reason, the northern allies – including Little Lady Lyanna (Bella Ramsey) – were likely to decide with Jon the title of "King of ##; to earn a North and to reconcile with the Mother of Dragons.

And as Winterfell's wife in a discussion in & # 39; the big seal of & # 39; expanding the castle, Daenerys' arrival brought a practical problem: how to, to all, to cycle all new arrangements and two drags?

The resistance not detected by Denerys. "If they can't respect me …" said Queen Jon. Later he would hear another Sansa sermon. "Do you have to kneel to save north or from a love?" He asked. The tension between the two, it seems, should only grow in the following chapters.

Jon discovers the truth about his origin

The showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss will try to be some of the great secrets of & # 39; The series was, Jon Snow's true paternity. The young man eventually discovered what Bran (Isaac Hempstead-Wright), Sam (John Bradley), and the public had known for a while: he is the son of Lyanna Stark with Rhaegar Targaryen and thus a legitimate heir to the Iron Throne.

The revelation was made by Sam, who was still admitted to Daenerys and found that she had carried her father and brother into the battlefield. In Winterfell's crypt, he asked whether his friend would do the same and that he would supply the true king of Seven Kingdoms.

In shock, Jon called soon Ned Stark (Sean Bean): "You mean that my father, the most respectable person you & # 39; if I ever came, lead me?" Sam explained that Ned Lyanna had promised to protect him and tell no one to prevent him from being killed by Robert Baratheon (Mark Addy). The former king began to revolt at Lyanna's love for him, left with Rhaegar.

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Jon flew in tarragon with Daenerys shortly before discovering that he is a Targaryen Image: Playback / YouTube

"It's treason," Jon said. "You have set up your crown to save your people, do you want to do the same?" Sam served, to "# ~" his grandmother removes his friend. Daenerys, probably, do not seem to just give the Thron – and Jon still has to deal with the fact that woman is the "he" love in fact his aunt. Does he want to see what he knows?

It is worth pointing out: The episode had awakened to one side Targaryen from Jon a few minutes earlier, then & # 39; he drove on a dragon for the first time. In an amusing session, he flew in roughly Rhaegal Before moving to a distance, he had a romantic encounter Daenerys.

Jaime arrives in Winterfell

On & # 39; one end in & # 39; an episode that came to a large group of the North, was Jaime Lannister (Nikolaj-Coster Waldau), who decided to fight his resistance against & # 39; to fight the dead, to the disadvantage of Sister Cersei (Lena Headey). When & # 39; denying his horse, he came across Bran, at a point where he & # 39; s direct reference to & # 39; an end of & # 39; a first episode of & # 39; series & # 39; first season, it & # 39; s ending with the knight that & # 39; s sending out the youngster & # 39; s window.

Jaime's & # 39; s capture will definitely not be the best. Not only did he not have a good record with the Starks, but he was still responsible for the camp of King Ayser, the father of Daenerys.

And the White Walkers?

They left no face in the episode, but let a very sincere message: they murdered the small Lord Umber, who was found in soldiers in his castle, the Last Fireplace. The boy was hanging on a wall, comprised of concealed lambs that were in circle-shaped – another reference to the series & # 39; opening-episode & # 39; where & # 39; t found three patrolling birds found the same way in & quot;

The boy was found by Tormund (Christian Hivju), Beric Dondarrion (Richard Dormer) and Edd (Ben Crompton), who were at Winterfell. When the three of them left, the little lord called in a scene worthy of a horror movie, and Beric put it with fire with his raging sword.

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Cersei has an unpleasant plan for Jaime and Tyrion Image: Declaration

Meanwhile, in Porto Real …

In the capital, Cersei failed to learn that the wall fell. "Okay," he said with a dick when he heard the news. After that, she got Euron (Pilou Asbaek), who had returned with the soldiers of the Gold Company. Greyjoy, his only ally, had decided to sleep with her and convince her. In view of the iron third, he wants a child with the queen, but does not know that she is already heavy.

Cersei's most important action, however, came into a series where it was not present. Qiburn interrupted a session of Bronn (Jerome Flynn) with three prostitutes to make a special request of the king: that he kill both brothers with a curse, the same weapon Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) uses to kill his father, Tywin Dance The sitting, who's many of the two who started the two, got shoe, despite getting the gold received a lot later.

Other entertainers

Arya and Jon

In & # 39; a autumn warming, side and Jon move together with the same innocence that they did in the first season they went their separate ways. He asked if she had ever used Needlife, she said, "Someone else." Most likely, isn't it?

The latest name still has the time to praise Sansa's intelligence and Jon tells that he is also a part of his family, a significant reminder of the great revelation that Sam has made.

Sansa and Tyrion

You may be forgotten, but the two were forced into one of the Sansa seasons in Porto Real, but they never burned the marriage. They had not seen since the death of King Joffrey (Jack Gleeson), when they escaped with the help of Little Pig (Aidan Gillen). Tyrion was accused of being a young man.

At meeting, Sansa has resigned for leaving that way, and Tyrion recognized her evolution: "Many have underestimated them, almost everyone is dead." She then criticized him for believing in Cersei's helping places. "I thought you were one of the smartest men," she said horribly.

Arya the dog and Ginje

Arya met with two others in the episode: with the Hound of Dog (Rory McCann) and with friend Gendry (Joe Dempsie). The first betrays them to die, and called her "cruel end." With the other, the meeting was lighter, with a good mood that made the interaction of both in the past back. At the end, she made a special request for him: a sheet. What kind of? We'll find out.

Theon and Yara

Theon (Alfie Allen) returned to his sister (Gemma Whelan), who was still a family member at Uncle Euron. While the two houses returned, he gave his intention to go to the Starks to fight and received the approval of Yara.

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