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Gabriela Hardt blocks R $ 20 million from Operation without Funds in Lava Jato


Federal judge Gabriela Hardt, successor to Sérgio Moro in Operation Lava Jato, confirmed the blocking of thirteen goals from the 56th phase of Operation Lava Jato, called "No Funds". The capacity of 38 companies that included the survey was also received.

The new phase looks at the construction of Pituba Tower, Petrobras & # 39; headquarters in Salvador. According to the Official Declaration, the project was reduced over price of $ 1 billion and in mid-terms of decisions of R $ 68 million by the OAS and Odebrecht supporters to former directors of the state- Oil and Petros Fund.

"It does not matter if such amounts in bank checks are mixed with the value of legal origin." The exploitation and confiscation can reach such acts up to the amount of illegal benefits, "said Gabriela. "Due to the values ​​that are likely to have been retrieved in the account, I decided to block the requested searches under the amount of twenty million travels."

Under the influence were former Petros President Wagner Pinheiro and former leaders Newton Carneiro, Luis Carlos Fernandes Afonso and Carlos Fernando Costa. They were also searched for search results and arrest and arrest in operation.

Gabriela Hardt also freezes the power of Mendes Pinto Engenharia, responsible for the management of the Pituba Tower. The company was verified by Paulo Afonso Mendes Pinto, a deceased expert who was responsible for paying, with his partner Mário Seabra Suarez, the payment of OAS fees to the directors of Petros and Petrobras. Suárez also had the power of Justice, like the son of Paulo Afonso, Marcos Felipe Mendes Pinto.

Another involvement was Chibasa Engineering Projects, linked to Irani Rossini and Rodrigo Barreto, temporary arrest teams. Chibasa coordinates the implementation project of the project.


The new phase of Lava Jato examines the population in the construction of # 39; Pituba Tower, Petrobras – headquarters in Salvador. The Association of Official Elections states that the OAS and Odebrecht contractors share parts of R $ 68 million to the PT and former directors of the state oil company and Petros. Initialize initially at R $ 320 million, costing more than R $ 1.32 billion.

The Office of State Secretary said there was a fraud in # maintaining the company's project (Mendes Pinto Engenharia), the executing project managers (Chibasa Engineering Projects) and the OAS and Odebrecht contractors participating in 50.1% and 49.9% to the construction of the headquarters.

According to the report, there are two simultaneous bribe schemes carried out by the contractors between 2011 and 2016. One was coordinated by OAS and the other by Odebrecht. In both directors of contracts divisive advantages of 7% to 9% of & # 39; the value of works, in some cases in kind, to the manager of Mendes Pinto Engenharia. The transfer was made by fictitious contracts and was intended as a public agency of Petrobras and Petros.

Approximately 1% of & # 39; value of & # 39; The works would also be through the games of OAS & # 39; tipindustry & # 39; After the PT went to the National Directory of 'acronym and former treasurer of # 39; the party, João Vaccari Neto.

Long Jato found that Odebrecht also paid the costs of PT's through its "structural operation", the area responsible for the distribution of cash 2 for paying unexpected benefits.

The fees paid to the contractor are meant for R $ 68,295,866.00, in "historical values", affirms the lawyer's official. In addition, the MPF says the companies responsible for the construction of Pituba Turf would do their utmost to carry out surveys that would be the " raise awareness of the project's value, causing additional damage to Petrobras. "

"With the contractual supplements and new enforcement, the value of Pituba Turkey reached the amount of R $ 1,317,063,675.10, adjusted in coins by November 2018," informed the Public Ministry.

The federal police has confirmed 22 warrants – eight for prefective and 14 temporary – and 68 searches and visits in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais and Bahia.

To support the guarantors, the Bureau's Public Prosecutor issued a review of bail of bank, taxation, telematics and telephony confidentiality which explained the explanation of Lava Jato, along with documents that were " resulting from international legal cooperation.

Other side

The report seeks to contact the contacts and have released the space for demonstration.

Petros has announced that it is co-operating in an unspecified way with the authorities and has followed the investigations into the Pituba Tour.

The Labor Party said that ever # 39; Long & unprovised acceptance against & # 39; The PT has tried to expand laws of laws that are under the law. "" Fighting corruption requires serious researchers and judges. It can not function as media spectacle and political persecution. "

Petrobras said that it is recognized by the authorities, in Brazil and abroad, as victims of 'claims' were denounced by operation Lava Jato. "The company strengthens the information that has been issued by the reputation of the Republic of the Republic that launched the new phase of Lava Jet on Friday, November 23, of an investigation that was launched by the United States business and its reports Petrobras has collaborated since 2014 with the investigations and acts as co-author of the Bundestag and the federal government in 16 actions of administrative involvement in progress, as well as assistant director in 54 criminal actions . "

Odebrecht believes that it involves cooperating with Justice and ratifying its commitment to dealing with ethics, integrity and transparency.

OAS said that it was learning about the 56th Lava Jato phase. "According to the latest news, the OAS employees are considered as involved in the investigations. However, the OAS manages public opinion, our employees, our investors and our suppliers that are not relevant to any doubt or Difficulties arise over the companies that have come to the forefront of business in the company. Finally, the current management of the company has the authorities with all explanations on activities and Contracts are offered on which questions, such as the recent texts International Agreement with CADE. "

According to the company, "The promotion of the countermeasures with all possible clarifications is essential that the business can continue its work according to the high ethics and corporation requirements, the only way to achieve a high-level position in the creation of a new engineer in the country ".

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