Sunday , October 17 2021

From Rio to London: low cost & # 39; Losing offers supply for flying abroad

The Norwegian Norway, direct flights from Rio de Janeiro to London, make the market 70,000 new seats per year. The Chilean Sky Airlines launch opera rides from Rio de Janeiro and Florianópolis to Santiago. The Chilean will be expanding to São Paulo on December 7, with a total of 70,000 seats only between December and March.

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At Norwegian, the minimum price range of $ 1.2 million should be. Lawless companies sell round travel cards for $ 2,900. In an interview with the newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo, the global president of the group, Bjorn Kjos, said that the operation of # The aviation begins in Rio to attract many European tourists. Kjos has not detailed or offered other destinations in the country. The company is already active in Argentina. "We were surprised by the operation in Argentina, we still do not know the brazilian market, but we are optimistic and hope that Brazilians choose to travel to Europe and can do so at lower rates for our business."

Sky starts its operation in Brazil with five flights in São Paulo, six to six, and four to Florianopolis – this latter will work until March. The intention is, however, to travel daily flights to Rio and São Paulo, according to regional sales director Jaime Fernandez. "We have not yet done this will happen, we must first make these first companies profitable." The director also said he could download new destinations in 2019 in Brazil.

The low cost model that Sky has received, has a 30% drop in the average price of tickets in Chile – a level that can be retrieved in Brazil. At the company's website you can find rûntepetearen to Santiago, starting from São Paulo in December, for R $ 700. In competitors is the cheap sale R $ 850.

To guarantee affordable pricing, the company is investing $ 1.6 billion to renew and expand its fleet – today there are 15 aircraft. 21 A320 have never bought aircraft, use less fuel. According to Fernandez, a expectation with the Chilean government also has a 20% decrease this year in shipping.


André Castellini, a partner by Bain & Company, says low-cost merchants can not afford to keep cheaper than the Brazilian competitors will not be much lower than their cost. "They can sessions in the beginning themselves subsidize, but it's not safe to keep that long."

Castellini points out that companies such as Latam and Gol determine legacy runs of low-cost businesses in some of the services, such as in the collection by marking the & # 39; sit. Brazilian companies, he says, also include aircraft that do not deliver less fuel in their fleets. "It's not possible to do a miracle, the farms have assumed that what is possible, both of (Latam and Gol) cost effectively.

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