Thursday , April 22 2021

For the Nordesto, Nutico plays well, dominates Sergipe and wins the first match in 2019


To two red defeats in the first two official games from & # 39; In the seasons Nutico got the first win in 2019. The dominance was abundant, Timbu did not find it harder to bathe Sergipe 2-0 at Batisto, in Aracaju, again for the second round of the North East point. Triumph that also serves to restore confidence to the cast alvirrubro. Not only for the result, but for the good football presented by the Pernambucans, the team well removed on the field.

Next Sunday, Timbu will get another test to see that it is re-entered in the actions. In the case is the first class of the year, next Sunday, against Sport, in the island of Retiro, for the championship Pernambucano. Competition where you should also respond. For the North East, the Nutico returns to Salgueiro on February 2, in Cornlio de Barros.

The game

For the game, the technician promoted Mrcio Goiano four changes in the team. Two of them were forced, with Paraguayan midfielder Jimenez taking the seat of suspension Josa and the silver of the Rhaldney house conquering the position of & # 39; a judge Hereda, the last veto by a virus. But the two changes that changed the form of a Nutico act were due to the options of & # 39; e trainer. With Matheus Carvalho in & # 39; an attack, in & # 39; Thiago's well, and midfielder Lucas Paraba in the position of Jorge Henrique, spared.

With a greater number of the field, Nutico started to operate in a compact way. Protecting this enhanced protection, five times in the last two game age, and making the team complete with the closest players, making the tables easier. In this way, the Timbu was the master of the first stage, with eight final in purpose.

With the team being split most at the height, the problem was individual errors. Most appropriate. That's why Nutico's goal came in the 26th minute, after a good individual game by striker Wallace Pernambucano, who's out of & # 39; The back won, before, was hit by Erivelton's goalie collaboration. Everyone deserves benefit from the play. Four minutes later, Wallace even missed the opportunity to broaden his cross with a true cross of Luiz Henrique's right side.

No space has been found in Nutico's defense once Sergipe once entered & # 39; first 45 minutes, due to a failure in a ball of an insecure club Luiz Carlos. No one got benefits. The home team was upset in a dressing room.