Thursday , December 2 2021

Flamengo: Bruno Henrique detonates for legal battle with brand ‘Oto Patamá’: ‘I am deeply sorry’


Flamengo striker came to the public to comment on the case and regretted the fan’s intention to profit financially from the expression that became popular by him.

On this Friday (15th) the attacker of the Flamengo Bruno Henrique went public to explain the legal battle between him and a fan, trigger by the famous sentence said by the shirt 27 ‘Oto Patamá’. According to the athlete, there was one “try to use and promote themselves financially through expression”, which became popular because of them on social networks.

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“My staff, legally advised, took the lead on this action, carried out by a person trying to populate an expression that makes me popular and I remain calm, exclusively focused on my recovery to return to as soon as possible. the lawns, “he began by saying in a note officially published on social networks.

“It’s remarkable that I was completely amazed and I deeply regret this person’s attempt to use and promote themselves financially,” he continued.

Finally, Bruno Henrique, who has his own clothing store named “BH27”, and who even uses the term in some of the prints, made clear that the brand will continue to produce its products for sale.

“I take this opportunity to reinforce that we are legally supported and we will continue and continue our commercial activities without complications,” concluded the striker, who is currently recovering from a hamstring injury and is therefore being sidelined at the Rio club. .

The trial, which is taking place at the 1st Court of Justice and Arbitration Conflicts of São Paulo, has not yet been reviewed. The information was first released by UOL.

fan fan Rubro-Black went to court claiming he had the trademark registration with the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI). In the indictment, Josineide says that only she can use the sentence in the trade in sporting goods. Further has there is a claim for damages in the amount of BRL 13 million.

In the process, Josineide says that, upon hearing the sentence, he concluded that it would be a good slogan for a sportswear brand and asked the INPI to register it.

The sentence was said by Bruno Henrique after the 4-4 draw between Flamengo and Vasco da Gama, in a match valid for the 34th round of the Brazilian Championship of 2019, which the Rubro-Black become champion. The phrase ‘Oto Patamá’ was a catchphrase for fans and even became part of a song by rapper Djonga.

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