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Faustão makes an ugly clock with Anitta and does what the singer has – TV Spot

Anitta was the best singer of the Domingão Trophy (Photo: Reproduction)
Anitta was the best singer of the Domingão Trophy (Photo: Reproduction)

The singer Anitta was once one of the finalists of # a category of "singer of the year" in Trophy Domingão. Directly from Goiânia took the brunette the prizes and prominent names like Who and Ivete Sangalo, won the prize several times.

It appears that the presenter when presenting the three competitors of the category was a mistake of # a category. It is that Faustão reads the full name of baptism from "powerful", it does not seem like its original name, that's Larissa.

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In 2013, the site OFUXico declared the words of 'singer himself, the name never mentioned in baptism. By taking on "Anitta", she sought something that would make her "more powerful" to be an artist. This name was inspired by the protagonist of Anita's Presentation, mineseries of 'Globe'.


The actor Leticia Colin made the greatest success of this year as Rosa in the novel Segundo Sol. The character, the beginning of & # 39; The plot began in the world of # to discover prostitution, detected the greatest secret of 'divisions of' The soap opera and the key was discovered for him.

Striking with Giovanna Lancellotti (Rochelle in the same novel) and Tatá Werneck (Lucrecia in God Save the King), she won the Domingão Trophy as the best-performing actress. Even with the unhappy success of competitors, Leticia became more popular in & nbsp; a category.

Letícia Colin won the Domingão Trophy (Photo: Reproduction / Globe)

"I love story, I was born for her, and I am very grateful for my job since I was 18 (I'm 28) to tell stories, and to my parents always my to give absolute support. Why is it not easy, Fausto? ", shuffled the actress.

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