Saturday , February 4 2023

Fátima Bernardes and Túlio Gadêlha have chosen the Louvre as their first tour in Paris.


& # 39; 16 days with her & # 39;

Fátima Bernardes had a holiday in the "Encontro" program and Túlio Gadêlha was not inaugurated as the federal deputy of Pernambuco, where he was elected. For this reason, couples are traveling on the streets and spend more time together. "Now we are going to spend 16 days with her, and we do not spend too much time together," she told a horrified lawyer when she fell in love.

The couple finished their dating year.

Besides romantic trips, worthwhile holidays, there are other special reasons. Earlier this month Fátima and Túlio completed their one-year relationship. William Bonner ex-wife completed this post using the hashtags "me and him". "One year later I just change the caption" without fear of love, "" one year, "" much happier. "Túlio also declared for his girlfriend in his social network, I am stronger in the challenges and emotions, so I am stronger and more confident in the future. "

The party member touched Fatima.

Fan of Fátima Bernardes was excited to write an article about how she felt about her farewell from Bonner. "You and William Bonner have led the situation in a way that is mature and respectful and you have shown us that the great story is over and that a new love awaits us in the near future. It's not too late to start a new love, and thank you for teaching us this, "wrote a netizen. "Thank you for your message, I was really impressed by your affection," Fatima thanked.

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