Sunday , May 28 2023

Farms: Roça is formed by Luane, Catia and Caique.


Farms: Roça consists of Luane, Catia and Caique - Clone / Farm / Record TV.

On Monday (12) night, another Roça was formed on Farm 10, Record TV.

Sertanejo, who had a winning team in Heat of Fire, chose for him the power of a blue flame, which, with the power of its master, chose one of Bay's grandfather and went straight to Roça. Red Flame, whom he gave to Luane, was given public permission to give Farmer $ 20,000 and he must vote who has power.

Farmer Rafael Island took the money and voted for Luane.

Catia won the most votes this week and occupied the second bank of Roza.

The third bank was Caique from Sertanko after reading the Blue Force.

Other people's votes are as follows:

Caique voted for João.
João voted for Catia.
Evandro voted for Catia.
Catia voted for Evandro.
Leo voted for Catia.
Luane voted for Catia.

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