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Dupla de Mateus, Jorge announces the separation of Ina Freitas after 7 years: & # 39; Friendship & # 39;

The executor of & # 39; propaganda & # 39; Includes the end of marriage on Monday in the Instagram profile on Monday (21). David's two-year-old father showed that the breakup was happening in the late evening and even made a request for fans who didn't get it: "I ask you to respect our decision and especially to respect our whole heart, for it will never fail & # 39;

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The background Jorge Barcelos confirmed the end of his marriage to Ina Freitas, after seven years of association. On Monday night (21), the singer used his Instagram profile to explore the breakup with the expertise. "I'm communicating here that, yes, I and Ina have been separated separately from late December this year," he began. In short, other famous singles lists have been introduced: Paolla Oliveira has a four-year relationship with director Rogério Gomes, Talita Younan, who is ultimately banned from having a relationship with Fábio Scalon, and singer Ana Carolina has come to an end for actress Leticia Lima .

Jorge points to collaboration as one of the factors of separation

A family photo, Jorge suggested the publication and did not extend the reasons for distinguishing it to the few. "Leave our relationship as a couple did that. I know, because I'm a public person I am satisfied with many love that has already begun us and so much you love, despite not speaking or expressing about my personal life, since what my public is doing is music, "he said.

"We don't become enemies," said the singer

Duo de Mateus, his son stole the stage in a recent show, told the artist a good relationship with his old-woman in place for his son, David, two years. "We talk to each other every day, and so it will continue, if we do not become enemies, we have vow and friendship for each other and a wonderful fruit of our 7-year-old marriage, that is David," he said. Jorge closes the post with questions from fans: "I ask you to respect our decision and above all respect our whole, for it will never exist." At the end of the last year, fans were surprised by the final end of Neymar and Bruna Marquezine, as well as the conclusion of Anitta's marriage with Thiago Magalhães. This Monday (21) included the funkeira relationship with the barrister Ronan Carvalho.

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