Monday , August 8 2022

Diego Alves receives full salary, and Flamengo pays November pay penalty |


Reason: After the discussion with Dorival Júnior, only the second warning was reversed by the goalkeeper. The salary was already closed at that time, and the decrease in November was maintained. was warned only after the episode that Diego Alves had not traveled to Curitiba where Flamengo defeated Paraná in the 30th round of Brasileirão. The club regards the action as meaningless, but the goalkeeper remains in the unlocked position. Disputes were even the cause of convergence in the relationship between the parties.

Diego Alves, who rejected the supported version of Dorival Júnior's Carlos Noval, met with an advanced person before appearing on October 31st. The discount was already applied on Wednesday because Flamengo understood the act as a serious violation and already imposed a fine after months.

Since November 3, Diego Alves has been training with other changes in the rest of the cast and will continue until the end of the season. Throughout the week, Shirt 1 has been posted on social networks, which are part of the right knee sprains recovery cure. When he was at home, he was in the nest. When the players were training in the nest, he was at home.

The post is part of the legal dilemma that both sides have experienced. Since Diego left Curitiba, athletes and clubs have measured behavior in the courts avoiding problems in future confrontations. Diego Alves is treated in Urubu's nest.

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