Sunday , May 16 2021

Danilo Gentili's bombing program on YouTube and "threatening" SBT

Daniel Gentili's official YouTube channel on The Night program has recently reached 6 million subscribers. As a result, the special show is already close to the brand of SBT, the journalist responsible for broadcasting the attraction that has just over 6.45 million.

Today is The Night & # 39; The only show on the channel that Globo may eventually succeed in, will be the most important rival of # Talk to Bial & # 39 ;. Due to the great success Silvio Santos noticed the commission of a four-year treaty.

In addition to the program at SBT, the comedy is also in theater boom, by its new movie The Terminators of Beyond the Blonde or the Bathroom. In & # 39; The day around the movie nearly R $ 2 million.

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