Thursday , April 22 2021

Counting Time: Google Hangouts gets a date to stop

Planted air until 2020, Google Hangouts has received a date to stop by the Mountain View giant. The service will continue to talk and talk – announced in March 2017.

The process will begin on April 16, 2019. From now on, Google will start lobbying G Suite administrators and users to access from an old app to the new Meet & Chat – with a click & # 39; last.

Between April and September of this year, G Suite Chat will earn the classic Hangouts features. Examples are integration with Gmail, chat with external users, hedge accounting, ability to make conversations with Google Voice.

The next October, Google will start with the classic messenger from starting an old message to the G Suite. From then on, new details are reported in the search engine's future.

The trend is for ordinary users to start the transition only to G Suite consumers. For now, the performance is at end of 2020, but there will still be a specific chronology for this audience.

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