Monday , November 29 2021

Contact | Experts see severe asthma in Curitiba (PR)


Asthma is a chronic disease that has affected 20 million Brazil. This Saturday (24/10) is the most important aspect that has the disease, especially in serious form, being discussed by experts in the Curitiba (PR). Local pulmonologists will participate in a meeting that tries to influence the impact of disease, especially in & nbsp; strong shape, on health of # 39; A patient, as the importance of a strange and precise diagnosis, distinguishes, for example, a poorly treated asthma in a way heavier.

Strong asthma causes shortness of breath, daily use of high doses of corticosteroids, many hospital visits, loss of quality of life, and asteroaks, called. The disease is characterized by frequent residues, even with an adequate treatment, where many corticosteroids teachers are daily and more than 50% of the total cost of investments in asthmaction worldwide.1.1 Fan & # 39; The total population of asthma is assessed that 5% to 10% 3 have the strong form of the disease that may have a higher incidence in the dry weather

"Strong astha is a chronic disease that depends on the good treatment that contributes to a better body's viability. Accurate diagnosis is essentially a poorly treated asthma from & # 39; another is distinguished in strong form: it is important to think that we have modern and effective therapies that use the cortical reverse to increase 50% and the number of hospitals visited and attempts to cut By episodes of waterways up to 60%, 4.5 ", Bernardo Maranhão, a pulmonary pulmonologist, explains. Brazilian Medicine of Pulmonology and Tysiology (SBPT).


Evolution in & # 39; s limitation of & # 39; The high asthma for the effective treatment of # chronic disease is one of. The total number of Congress Agendas, including the arrival of a new therapy that is a necessary necessity today – mepolizumab, a humanized monoclonal antibody of GSK – can positively affect the viability of life .6.7 According to clinical studies, the medicinal corticoid decreases by 50% and increases the special admission and attempts to reduce stress by episodes of 60% .4, 5

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