Sunday , October 17 2021

CMN will change governmental pension fund application

The Social Security Regulatory Authority (RPPS), regulatory regulation, to haveto fill new investment rules and improve liquidity and risk. The National Monetary Council (CMN) has been approved today (27) resolution that caused change rules caused by managers. According to the Secretariat of Economic Policy (SPE) of the Ministry of Finance, the measure sets a "protection" of the public funds that contain the benefits of federal, state and municipal services.

The measure, said the SPE, will strengthen the RPPS board by improving liquidity and risk limitation, strengthening internal controls, creating methodologies for risk analysis and improving the scam. Selection and evaluation of administrators. According to the Ministry of Finance, the new rules for the fiscal balance initiative are designed to facilitate and transparent the management of pension schemes.

In Exchanger's Exchanges for Control Control, the CMN gave its own regimen to distribute its investments. The resolution contained the RPPS to use funds abroad and investing funds for companies sharing the shares on the Web site. To encourage good governance, consider the entities or a high level of government (good administration) by the secretariat of the social secretary to havethe limits of increased investments.

According to the SPE, the most important change in improving security of resources was the need for new applications from RPPS sources to be made only in investment fund by institutions or managers authorizing the Central Bank. These settings to havenot to regulate a control and risk evaluation committee under CMN regulation. According to the Ministry of Finance, the RPPS currently provides 94% of resources to good management managers.

Continuing management, monitoring committees fasten the most transparent practices of corporate governance. Risk committees must follow this practice in managing the risk of recent applications.

In order to stimulate the diversification of investments, the CMN has determined that the RPPS will invest in investment funds with a maximum of 50% of the portfolio consisting of pension and pension funding services for public services. The rest of the portfolio must be simultaneously with third-party sources.

Pension funds

The CMN also changed the standard for the use of resources by pension funds. The bureau has the money allowed, providing a supplementary pension fund, re-investing in the Investment Fund in Participation (FIP) for financial incentives for infrastructure projects. In exchange, these FUs may choose, guarantee or social obligations, as part of the F & # 39; the projects that guarantee the safety of the & # 39; the pension fund if the projects are not completed.

Pension funds can also invest in financial instruments that are already offered in the market, not just in their instruments. This will be possible because CMN has deviated from that "final assets" investment fund to control margin control in derivative brands.

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