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CAPS AD III performs memorization programming for Blue November «News from Acre


In the morning of November 14, a psychiatric support from Rio Branco, as mentioned in the November issue of the Blue Alcohol and Drug Center (CAPS AD III) . It also applies to users who are present all day but who return to their families after follow up.

"This is the day of the person's health instruction that can get this information, and we will bring that day with our doctor and CAPS AD III team in moments of prayer, lunch, story and lunch," said CAPS AD III Nilcy Vilaço Manager explains.

CAPS AD III Manager, November Blue Programming (Photo: Júnior Aguiar)

Alessandro Gomes, a family and community medicine specialist working at CAPS AD III, said that November Blue is not limited to talking about prostate cancer, but other habits that are important to the concept of food, the importance of physical activity and the quality of life for healthy patients.

"Talking about November is an opportunity to raise awareness of those who develop the ability as facilitators as well as patients seeking treatment in the unit because they are people who can pass this information to others," explains Alessandro Gomes .

CAPS supports users and families who seek independence and accountability for treatment. The program involved 35 participants, four of whom were internal employees and 31 were followed up.

"It's very important to be here because I've been handling capital letters for some time, people are like me, people with the same problems, and many dynamics to deal directly with it. Says Dagmar de Oliveira, a patient with CAPS AD III.

Psychosocial Care Alcohol and drug centers are special services that provide essential, ongoing care, to care for those who need it due to the use of alcohol, cracks and other medications. Its specific target audience is adults, but can also serve children and adolescents according to the guidelines of the Child and the ECA.

"CAPS plays a fundamental role in my treatment, and at this meeting I have difficulties." A psychologist came and helped me, and a therapist came and explained what I would do, and I overcame it every day, "Dagmar added .

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