Tuesday , May 30 2023

Caio Ribeiro says he had a ‘direct conversation’ with Neymar, admits the bait may not have heard and tells behind the scenes: ‘He’s having trouble’


Caio Ribeiro turned in a dismal performance, however.

Neymar had a poor performance in the 0-0 draw of the Brazil against Colombia, last Sunday, for the qualifiers. And the ace, as expected, was the most discussed topic among sports critics.

After the strong statement about being tired of football and that 2022 could be his last World Cup, the star of PSG warned of the psychological pressure a high-level athlete receives.

During the Flow Sport Club, podcast no Youtube, Caio Ribeiro, former player and commentator, revealed a conversation he had with the star about the hesitations Neymar gives on the field. According to the former attacker of Flamengo, São Paulo e Brazilian team, the ‘straight conversation’ with the ace was about how the press deals with the mistakes he makes in his career.

According to Caio, Neymar may not have taken the conversation seriously, but he guarantees that the attacker knows that all the advice that was given was from a friend who only wants the good of the other.

“In the case of Neymar, people across the border (in reviews). He often goes wrong, strikes him head-on, ‘said Caio, complementing the conversation he had with the ace.

“You (Neymar) will be overwhelmed, you may not like it, but one day it may bother you. I said, ‘you are wrong in this, this and this (with some attitude) and that will hurt you. I’m on the other hand, I know how the head of the press works. He said ‘beauty’“, said Caio.

“Maybe he recorded the information, he knows I spoke for his good. It may have gone in one ear and from the other, the way he digested it, I’m not in his head. As a friend, “I had to talk. He’s no more. Boy, he’s responsible for everything he does. We just have to understand the other side. I’m not talking about it overnight, carnival. I want to know if he’s performing on the field,” he explained. .

Also during the interview, Caio Ribeiro explained that Neymar is very overwhelmed with all the criticism it has long received. The former player made a point of warning about the psychological problem and compared the star’s situation to that of Simone Biles, who stopped competing in some events at the Tokyo Olympics due to emotional issues.

We know how stupid he is. He knows he did not play well. My job is to say that it is not good, he has to leave, although it is difficult to get the bait. He’s tired of it all. I wanted the pandemic to bring reflection, I wanted the same love they saw for Simone Biles and for Neymar with the same human side. Let’s look at it the same way, ”Caio said, concluding.

“They are two of the greatest of all time, no one talks about the poor thing, but for the athlete there is the man. Everyone falls one day. And on the day of failure there are those who on their step heads and give their hands. I as a commentator, I am different, “he concluded.

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