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Brazil to register at the end of 2018 6,000 new cases of penal cancer


The month of November is dedicated to the health of # 39; man

The month of November is dedicated to the health of # 39; man – Declaration

In November is the month of health of # 39; Man, it is important to remember a disease that is, unhealthy and rare, dangerous: penile carcass. On December 2018 Brazil will have 6,000 new cases – 2% of all tumors who get people. Hygiene, old age, females and small socioeconomic conditions are related to the disease. But according to medical literature, a different factor also contributes to their development: the human papilloma virus (HPV), a sexually transfective infection (STI), transmitted through direct contact with infectious skin or mucosa.

"HPV has an average association of 30% to 40% with purple cancer, especially types 16 and 18 (the vision has 150 variants)," says Newton Sérgio de Carvalho, professor of gynecology at the federal university of Paraná UFPR) The problem was taken, published in 2008 in the Brazilian jubilee of sexually transmitted diseases. According to Carvalho, the person diagnosed with types 16 and 18 of viruses, although the cancer can develop, not only in & nbsp; the penis, but also in other parts of the body. "It is important, however, to consider contamination connecting with more invoices, such as the HPV association with STIs, such as chlamydia," the doctor counts.


Brazil according to the article Updates on the epidemiology and penicillin risk factors published in 2017 at the National Library of Medicine, is among the countries with the highest number of penile cancer that have been linked to HPV, in addition to India and African peoples . According to Carvalho, data are reported as alerted, according to the Brazilian Society or Urology, a thousand men of sect organs are amputated here every year, as a result of the disease. "At times it can be preventive measures, for the amtification only necessary in free cases," said the professor.


Infections with a specific HPV type do not write the others. The so-called munny effects can occur and both speak two or more types of virus. The importance of molecular diagnosis is the fact that some types of HPV are related to progressive lesions for cancer, and the different types have different sites of infection. Genotyping identifies HPV subtypes, making it an adequate check for individuals at higher risk for developing cancer, thus making a more accurate and more personal approach to preventing historic exchange. In addition, genotyping distinguishes the treatment in the case of people with other, less aggressive, infectious HPV infections.


The most important and effective way to prevent HPV, according to the Ministry of Health, is an empowerment. It is available free of charge by the Unified Health System (SUS) for children from 11 to 14, girls aged 9 to 14, people living with HIV, and transplanted from 9 to 26 years are. Adults beyond these sides can get the vaccine on the private network.

In September of this year, the ministry has launched a new advertisement campaign on adolescents to go to & nbsp; the cause. The goal is to involve more than 20 million boys, with 9.7 million girls and 10.8 million boys. The medical community, however, is hard to believe in low-tech, especially those of boys. Last year, 2.6 million (35.7%) were the first. The second dosage, which is about this year and is required for complete immigration, only reached 13% of the target population. "It is very important to take the vaccine, it's a preventive procedure that attempts to prevent people from using HPV to control the virus," says the gynecologist. Today, according to an investigation by the Ministry of Health in cooperation with hospitals and health secretaries, 54.3% of Brazilians from 16 to 25 years of HPV. Of that total, 37.6% variants of the virus have a high risk of developing cancer.


In addition to HPV vaccine, other measures are needed to prevent penile cancer. INCA suggests the daily removal of the male organ with soap and water, especially to sexual oar and masturbation, and phimosis surgery around pre-shroud is a narrow or small elasticity and prevents exposure of & nbsp; the head of the penis, and it makes it difficult to clean and use condoms.

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