Monday , November 29 2021

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Ilheus: Sesab confirms two cold cases; Famous cases in Bahia have occurred in 1999

Photo: Reproduction / Prefecture of Ilhéus

Two people were diagnosed with mears in Ilhéus, in southern Bahia. According to the Secretary of Health (Sesab), patients have been contaminated with the wild type of disease. The suspect is that the two have the indirect contacts with an Amazon, which has detected the virus in September. His case is imported. According to Sesab, the man came to Bahia to work and has reached all the state of affairs.

According to G1, was the first fertilization that the virus of two patients could be a vaccine. The two were recently intimidated. A study of the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) has, however, confirmed that the virus has the same genotype as the patient's illness in Amazon. The Health Insurance of Ilseus (Sesau) reported that it was not yet indicated by Sesab, but that the cases were recorded. According to Sesab, the last matrix registry in the state was created in 1999.

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