Sunday , May 29 2022

At the same time, at the same time, the body and the wall are covered by horizons | Mistério


SANTA CATARINA – Daiane da Silva Martins, 27, foi assassinada and her marred moratorium at the cinemax, the second segment (26), in Florianopolis (SC). A suspeita é que o homem tenho matado sua esposa asfixiada e se suicidado.

Segundo o G1, por volha 23h55, a PM foi acionada pela mãe daiane que encontrou o corpo da filha. El estava trancada no quarto do casal, nua e com marcas no pescoço.

The police suspect that the casualty is a crime and a criminal offense. No local, however, found on the escort record in my hand and assessed the marine identification as Cleber Machado Camargo, 30 years.

Though the day before the day was discovered, on the 22nd day, Cleber would have been attacked by a cage on a rig. Second, the engineer, the first one is at the wheel of the traces of the veil and the condenser does not move in time.

In the case of 3 filings that are fixed on the custody of the other, the case is investigated by the Civil Aviation.

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