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Analysis: Filled and reinforced by the fans, Flamengo gets the spark in his eye back with Renato Gaúcho | Flamengo


Flamengo was left in the confrontation with Defensa y Justicia and guaranteed their classification for the quarterfinals of the Libertadores with a message: it got on its feet and came back to be a team that feared its rivals. The 4-1 victory, on Wednesday, in Brasília, illustrated the dominance of the team and had an important participation from Renato Gaúcho, who returned the sparkle in the eyes of the players.

+ Renato celebrates the comeback of Michael and Vitinho at Flamengo: “I would like to talk and convey confidence”

Flamengo players thank fans for their support – Photo: Alexandre Vidal / Flamengo

The return of the fans to the stadium, even if in small numbers, gave a special fuel to the game. After 497 days, players could hear their names calling again and saw them infected.

Bruno Henrique was the name of the first half. In one of the shots he took to the top while dribbling, he asked the fans to cry. The Rodrigo Caio header at the beginning increased the conquered advantage in Argentina, and it seemed that Flamengo had a night of pure rest.

Highlights: Flamengo 4 x 1 Defensa y Justicia, by Libertadores

Highlights: Flamengo 4 x 1 Defensa y Justicia, by Libertadores

The serious failure of Diego Alves in the ball kicked the goal for the Argentines and transformed the environment for Mané Garrincha. Defensa y Justicia improved in the match and started to threaten Flamengo more. There, Renato’s decisions were important.

Renato’s changes are decisive

With the entry of Michael in place of Everton Ribeiro, the team, in addition to Bruno Henrique, also won a quick alternative on the right. It was Michael, applauded by the fans at every touch of the ball, who hit the shot on the crossbar that Arrascaeta took advantage of from the rebound to head.

Renato Gaúcho during Flamengo’s victory over Defensa y Justicia – Photo: Alexandre Vidal / Flamengo

The advantage again on the scoreboard gave the team the confidence to control the game. Then another game launched by Renato entered the scene: Vitinho. He, who had already scored against Bahia, scored two more goals, one with his left leg and the other with his right, and sealed the victory with 4-1 and the classification.

Point for Renato. Confidence is back to Flamengo.

Voice of the Fans - Arthur Muhlenberg: "Now you can focus on the semi, it's ok for Renight"

Voice of the fans – Arthur Muhlenberg: “You can focus on the semi now, it’s ok for Renight”

Thank you dear fans. Now Flamengo is waiting for the match Internacional x Olímpia this Thursday to find out who will make it to the quarterfinals of the Libertadores.

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