Friday , April 23 2021

after controversy, father of MC Melody & # 39; denies & # 39; the daughter and when it has the web

In & # 39; last week the big controversy with the young singer is MC Melody, and youtube Felipe Neto, moved the internet. She was accused of "foreign sex", and her main concern was her father, MC Belinho, you care for her artistic career and also her sister, Bella Angel.

Here is another chapter of this novel. In a note released on Tuesday morning MC Belinho was known to be Commit the jobs where & # 39; are the daughters' careers, it depends businessman from both girls.

In the same note, MC Belinho is also for all controversies that include both girls in the last few days. The information was created by the Extra Journal.

He recognized the lessons he had done for his daughters' career. He said he understood that he was responsible, and he didn't regret asking for help if he needed it.

In addition, Belinho focused on & # 39; a mother of & # 39; The two singers marveled at the damage that he had caused, claiming that Daiane is a beautiful mother, who always starts the girls together, as in school, and in the private life of & # 39 ; two adolescents.

He also commented that he responded to the MP-SP over the entire controversy with Melody and Bella, and described his mother's guilt out of a homeowner and all responsible for him for the problems with excluding the images of & # 39; e girls.

So previously it is known in a note by Felipe Neto's consultant, from now on, to the teachers of the two being ruled by Sabrina Bittencourt, a professional in the field of cultural promotion and art for children and adolescents.

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