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Actress records husband's assault with camera hidden in room in Rio | New Orleans, Louisiana hotels


Actress Cristiane Machado, who participated in several telenovelas in TV Globo, videotaped her August home with her husband businesswoman Sergio Schiller Thompson-Flores in her home in Rio. Recorded. Violence recorded in a hidden camera installed by the actress in the room where she lived with her husband.

The video shows Sergio Thompson-Flores pushing Cristiane on October 31 and trying to beat it. Mobile recording shows an entrepreneur threat against an actress and her family.

She was afraid of being killed and reported her husband to the police.

Fantástico was ordered to ban the release of information about the investigation launched after Cristiane's complaint.

In a statement, Sergio Thompson Flores' attorneys denied that the assault occurred and in September and October they claimed that the couple had been living in harmony, and considered the arrest warrant for breach of protective measures illegal. They also say the charges are motivated by financial gains. As for images, they argue that they represent reactions to action earlier, which would have been edited by Cristiane and executed by her.

Actor Cristiane Machado told Fantástico about husband's assault - Photo: Reproduction / TV GloboActor Cristiane Machado told Fantástico about husband's assault - Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo

Actor Cristiane Machado told Fantástico about husband's assault – Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo

Cristiane Machado appeared in several TV Globo novels and inspired sculptures by Vik Muniz for the 2010 "Passione" release. Thompson-Flores is a former diplomat and businessman.

The two met in March 2017 and had a citizenship wedding in November of the same year. Five months later, there was a religious marriage.

"He was very loving and careful, he discovered the love of my life. He was my prince.

However, the relationship between the two rituals became difficult.

"It starts very subtly, sometimes starting with stupid words, sometimes with crude words," Christian says. "He did not call me, I could not write a password on my cell phone, I had to have access to my cell phone, and every time I disagreed, it was a fight." One day he was stressed out at work and stressed. I asked him why he was stressed and he said, 'I do not want to talk to you.' And he pushed me first.

In another case, the image recorded on his cell phone shows that he broke the house where he lived with the ax.

"It was all dawn, and I tried many times." Sergio, let me go, I want to sleep in my mother, let me go. "Christian says.

She was able to report to the police and her husband was arrested in court. He bailed him out of jail, but the judge banned his wife.

Nevertheless, the actress decided to keep the religious marriage already marked.

"I went to my mother 's house, stayed at her house, came to see me, and talked to my sons, and then I knelt down on the street and said I was in love with life," Christian says. "He apologized in front of the children. Everyone knew that I was wrong, and I forgave him."

Violence continued after the marriage ended.

One day the businessman threatened Kristiani with a knife. Discussions and threats were recorded on her cell phone.

Christian: Have a knife, not a knife!

Sergio: Stop screaming Stop screaming.

Sergio: You kill the whole family!

Christian: Get the knife out of here!

After this threat, she decided to install a camera in her room. The assault was recorded on August 31st. Cristiane accused her husband in a women's police station.

"After filing with the police, he was ordered to pre-trial detention, and now he's illegal," Christian says. I'm afraid of the streets. I imagine that I know my habits. For coexistence, I am changing. And I feel trapped in this story. "

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