Friday , January 27 2023

A woman goes through Morro Boa Esperança badly when searching her daughter's belongings.


This morning there was a tragedy in the community of Piratininga, Niterii Oceania, relatives of Morro Boa Esperança Tragedy victims to find the missing documents. Local Sonia da Silva questioned the city's delay in providing social rent or housing by 2010 while waiting for her daughter's personal belongings. community.

"We did not want anything other than to hear and hear our cries, we live in war, it is not a war of gunfire but a struggle for survival, suffering from the loss of friends and relatives. Crying Sonia, who was sick or fainted, had to go to the hospital to attend firefighters.

Her home was one of the houses banned by the Civil Defense Department due to other landslides that damaged three properties in 2010. According to her, the social rent has been paid for three months and has been suspended without explanation. She said she should live with her friends and family for over a year without social rentals. With no choice but to bother her relatives, confused Sonia and her grandfather decided to return to the hills.

"We tried to get our family out of here, but we could not do it, my daughter was a mighty man, she was digging and surviving, but what about my grandson?" God who comforts us in this desperate time – Recalling another incident, Sônia says: – In 2016, stone and earth slid off my mother-in-law's house, and we rebuilt ourselves and lived.

In a tragedy this Saturday, Sonia lost her grandchildren Kaike da Silva Resende and her mother-in-law Maria Madalena Linhares de Resende for 54 years, a year and nine months old grandson. The housekeeper allowed Amanda, a survivor of minor injuries, to spend the weekend in the community. She thought Amanda would have been shot by her daughter and grandchild when she was warned that something had happened.

"I heard that the police were in the community and my daughter was alive but wounded, I did not know all this tragedy, I arrived and saw a horror movie scenario," recalls Sonia.

On Monday, the Civil Defense team is still removing a large number of mud and debris from 15 landslides and 20 homeless homeless people. An agent from the Regional Post of Technical-Scientific Police arrived at 10 am to gain expertise in this area.

Technicians from the Federal Ministry of Mineral Resources Research (CPRM) arrived at the landslide site around 10:20 am.

Some homes near the sleep site still have power and water supply.

City Hall says it wants to rationalize social rents

Through the memo, Niteri's municipal government has given priority to accepting victims of tragedy and informing families that they are preparing legislation that includes social rent. This document will be sent to the city council on Tuesday's emergency. According to the municipal government, houses under construction near Fonseca in northern provinces will be delivered on December 20 to 22 households affected.

The municipality is also grateful for the new clues and announces that "no new donations are needed" for the slip victims. "We have already distributed kits for cleaning products, personal hygiene products, food and water to 18 families.

Defensoria will attend residents.

Until 5 pm on Monday, the guardian of Rio de Janeiro will help Morro Boa Esperança residents. You can therefore request the issuance of personal documents, including a second copy of your identity and birth certificate. Legal advice is also provided. In addition to being in person, the Ombudsman office is available to the population via telephone 129.

On Monday

Four dead will be buried on Monday. Among them are Arthur Chaetano de Carvalho (3 years old) who died on Sunday afternoon after a heart attack and several long-term failures. He was admitted to the Azevedo Lima State Hospital. The boy had a birthday party before the slides that broke down seven houses on Friday night. Arthur's sister, Nicole, also died in 10 months.

Eleven of 15 deaths were buried on Sunday. In addition to Maria Magdalena and Kaike, Amanda Silva (30), Alan Ferreira Teles (29). It was buried in the Maruí cemetery of Barreto. A member of the same family was also buried: Maria Do Carmo, 80; And sister Janete Martins Ferreira (53) and nephew Géssica Martins Firmino (15). Maria Aparecida Martins Viana, 19; Beatriz Martins Pereira, 18; Marcos Antônio Martins Aguiar, 9; And his brother-in-law, Claudiomar Martins, 37.

At a press conference this Sunday, Niteri Mayor Rodrigo Neves said 20 homes without a home would receive housing from the city. He also said Governor Luiz Fernando Pezão will ask the governor to implement the siren system in high-risk areas, including Bonsucesso, Esperança and Caniçal hills.

The mayor pointed out that there was a massive collapse, not a tragedy once again expected. The episode is the second worst in the city. In 2010, 46 people were killed at Morro do Bumba near Viçoso Jardim.

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