Tuesday , January 31 2023

840,000 workers completed a job interview.


Sine Easy: 840,000 workers have indicated employment interviews through the application.
Sine Easy: 840,000 workers have indicated an interview through an application. – Photo: Archivo / Prefeitura de Pinhais

In 20 months, approximately 840,000 workers were referred to a job interview through the Sine Fácil application. This platform, launched last year by the Department of Labor, combines employers and workers in the same digital environment.

During that time, more than 2 million users have already downloaded this tool on their smartphones and tablets. Sine Fácil allows the registration of open positions, the registration of candidates' curriculum and the scheduling of the selection process.


To be more likely to be summoned, it is important for the worker to keep the registration in the application updated. After downloading Sine Easy, you must scan the QR code to release access. This code can be found in the sign network, the portal Emprega Brasil and Portal do Cidadão.

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