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10 states included in the latest Tele Sena draw!


Tele Sena – This Sunday (11) night was marked by Tele Sena's last draw, 27th anniversary edition. During the course of the Brazilian Television System (SBT) program as usual, the last five of the 25 were released.

A lucky man from Mato Grosso, he won R $ 1 million. He received 23 points in Most Points. Already different 29 cards have 8 cards and an invoice of R $ 17,241.38.

The 29 winners are from 10 Brazilian countries. Bayern, Goias, Minas Gerais, Mato Grosso, Pernambuco, Parana, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Norte, Rio Grande do Sul, Sao Paulo.

In draw Only the lucky man from São Paulo, Tele Sena Completa, received a prize of R $ 700,000.

Below you can find out more about today's draw and dozens of things covered in this edition! Check it out!

27th Anniversary Tele Sena Final Results

As I already mentioned, a person from Mato Grosso earned $ 1 million by himself. Total 23 points. Check out all the dozens of things you've done so far in Tele Sena's 27th Anniversary Edition.

Tele Senna: Final score / source; :
Tele Senna: Final result / source:
Telesena winner
Telesena winner

Final result of Tele Sena Completa

Tele Complete awarded a lucky one worth R $ 700,000 in the State of São Paulo. Please check the number below.

Tele Sena Complete / Source:
Tele Sena Complete / Source:

See the six awards from the 27th Anniversary Tele Sena edition

For more information, see all 6 ways to award the 27th anniversary telesena.

If you scrape off seven protective films with immediate rewards and discover contemplative phrases described in the general conditions of the product, you will receive a designated award. So at the 27th Anniversary, we compete for 5,000 Real, 10,000 Real, 20,000 Real, 30,000 Real, 40,000 Real, 50,000 Real and 100,000 Real.


There are 25 tables that can display the numbers drawn during the five lottery games of the campaign, which is offered on Sunday at SBT. So the prize is up to 1 million reals for people with more points.

# Fewer scores

In addition to competing with Most Points in the same frame, they compete for 500,000 Real with a few points. Therefore, if there is more than one winner, the prize money is divided equally.


By creating this chart, you can get up to 700,000 real. Until someone completes the picture, dozens are drawn, and if there is more than one winner, the prize money is evenly divided.

# Award Coupon

In this moment product mode, you can find the winning coupon by opening Tele Sena de Aniversário. Product options are home, car, motorcycle, cruise, iPad, iPhone X and smart TV.


We will compete for the Casa Award a year after we purchase the Tele Sena for 2018 birthday. There are 350,000 houses in this edition. Or if you want 350,000 real cash. So the lottery is on 10/20/2019.

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