Tuesday , May 11 2021

"We see a democratic and social attitude," the chairman of the FGTB


We could have canceled the N-VA breakdown. This would have been a role in the backwardness of the government Michel-De Wever. But there is a democratic and social enforcement, "said Monday morning at a letter the president of the FGTB, Robert Vertenueil, about the new federal coalition letter." With 52 seats of 150, this government has still represented it? "

Robert Vertenueil is concerned about the fact that the government does not ask for the confidence of the House. "It really gives us a point that ensures us, it means that this government will continue to function on fundamental elements of a democratic (…) It will continue in the line that & "We did not realize that the priorities, the Prime Minister, Charles Michel Sunday, were in office," he said, or as social security, purchasing power or climate. "These are chosen topics according to the news."

The FGTB also expects the desire of the world of # The employers do not play the game # 39; of social consultation, to "be able to negotiate directly with the government" the meeting and payment for the coming years. The plans that have been delayed Friday, "take the more," says the president of the Socialist Union. "It is necessary to restore a semblance of democracy in this country." The FGTB demands that the message will be heard on demand, and "will not be satisfied with closing down for us," says Robert Vertenueil. "It takes a serious salary margin, the heights and results of companies, and the increase in productivity." The government should also deal with a "real correct fiscal policy, beginning with a reduction in VAT on electricity and high oil". Ultimately, the retirement must be "revoked before any other" question is found, thereby concluding.

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