Monday , November 29 2021

Washington warns its allies against Huawei's Chinese risk



US authorities have set a massive campaign to mobilize mobile phones and Internet companies in all countries to use Chinese Huawei Technologies' fear of giving Beijing access to sensitive information, said Friday. the Wall Street Journal.

US government officers have allowed access to the topic with representatives and leaders of telecommunications in countries where Huawei has already been established as Germany, Italy or Japan, says the daily, which quotes anonymous sources that know have a file.

The United States also plans to help finance in countries that choose to develop their networks without counting on the Chinese.

One of the main things is, according to these sources in ensuring the communication of & # 39; US military installations abroad, such as Germany, Italy and Japan, where the military uses local communications itself as they have their own funds for the most sensitive exchanges.

The US Warnings reduce the advent of 5G networks that maximize mobile and ultra-fast internet access and connect irregular similar objects.

It is the interconnection that causes Americans to make it clear that the use of Chinese equipment does not make spionage or it can make it easier for Chinese Chinese authorities to break off or even interrupt communication.

Huawei has always had his independence and said he had never used his device to spur or sabotage communications in countries where his device was used.

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