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Vogra La Baliz received Quebec Comics Award ACBD Award


> Vogra La Balis receives Quebec Comics Award ACBD Award

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Vogra La Baliz received Quebec Comics Award ACBD Award

last year Louis among the ghosts ofIsabel Asensol and Fanny Britt I received the ACBD Critique Award at Quebec Comics. And this year is still impressive album that gives awards. Vogue bag~ By Siris Edition watermelon. Siris He is a key author of Quebec manga. The first part of his story was published in 2011, and the finished story arrived in 2017.

Vogue bag I suggest to follow the story of autobiographical personality. hen. A child rubs his alcoholic father and goes to a foster home. When traveling home from home, he will eventually fail between Troublers, and he will not be able to buy Troublers easily. Thanks to the passion and drawing of music. hen We will succeed in keeping fraud.

Since its first publication in 2011, many readers have been waiting for more. Vogue bag. The album also won the Quebec City Grand Prix at Prix Bédéis Causa and Prix Bédélys Québec. MembersCALL Encourage readers to discover. I wanted to take it too far. of Julie del Forte and White Horse: Part 2 of Samuel Cantin.

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