Sunday , May 16 2021

Vermaelen preventing a previous English rival: "I did not hit"

Red Devils

Thomas Vermaelen plays a lot in Barcelona, ​​but the Belgian gets to Catalonia next to the "biggest", while Barça Tottenham wins Tuesday in the Champions League, a chance to discuss his past in England, what "feels" ".

From London in 2014 after four years after Arsenal – "at the right time" according to him – when Barça made a bid of 19 million euros, the 33-year-old defender could misunderstand another career development, but The massive injuries and the great competition have dramatically reduced his playtime.

"I did not hit," he says, in an interview with AFP. "I came here to focus on the bigger players in the world and it's something special, it's not easy to start every game, of course, but always I was happy if every day with these boys on & # 39; be the bottom, they feel blessed. "To begin with Lionel Messi. "In training, he is the same as in a match, and before doing each and every day, he made me a better player," Red Devil extinguishes.

In addition to the French Samuel Umtiti, injured, the Belgian household could play a major role in the team of Ernesto Valverde, especially his judges, who left him more than one month away from # 39; Keeping the ground is better. He also found the gates in the camping pitch Wednesday (4-1), although his trainer seems to be just learning for Clément Lenglet's novel.

Vermaelen therefore makes it possible to study all the options, while his contract ends in June. A return to England? "I'm open to everything, it's not impossible, I've got good memories of my stay in England and I was very happy," said the defender, that's still a game of Arsenal's.

Unai Emery? He is "brave" and does "good work". "I saw the last derby (4-2 win over Tottenham by the Gunners), you can see the atmosphere, all that means every time, it's great, maybe I'm jersey, but I guess Arsenal, I was very happy five years, I miss it If I see the stadium, the team is doing well … I have good memories, "the former gunner runs out, saving the silver from London in memory that he battles.

The Spurs, he holds Tuesday in Camp Nou and can provide a placement because Barça made sure first of his group. Tottenham, meanwhile, fight at a distance with Inter Milan for second place.

A possible reunion with Jan Vertonghen and Toby Alderweireld, with whom he regularly discussed. But Spurs defenders may not be able to get information about the presence or not of Barcelona stars in this match "for butter". "We talk about the whole time, but they know they can not do anything about the players they play, they just have to do," Vermaelen smile.

How do you know the opportunity to know the fun of the previous rival, Tottenham, maybe it's the 'Champions League', probably an extra source of motivation? "I do not try to get emotionally involved in these games, it's a cool question," he replied, angry.

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