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Van Holsbeeck breaks the silence on a scandal of # e Footgate: "Mogi Bayat, it's Napoleon"



A little euphemism to say that the scandal of Footgate All players have already played the players in the kingdom already several weeks already.

As part of the show Taboo records (RTL-TVi), Christophe Deborsu tried to make this statement found on corruption, matching and money acquisition. To do this, the journalist of a private channel gathered the confessions of many protagonists gathered in # 39; The front cover hang in this court, and still in & # 39; the height.

And the omerta proves complex to break. Often Gérard Linard, President of Belgian Football Football, or Johan Verbist, head of & # 39; The organization of the federation, simply denied it in the investigation. With help from Stefan Van Loock, parliaments of the Belgian Union, do not feel incomprehensible to interfere with the visit of Deborah. Same observation of Sébastien Delferière, which was invented "to be under conditions, I can not even express myself, this is forbidden by the judge. " or with Ivan Leko you will be silent about the subject.

Delivered by Belgian justice in conditional condition and pays a deposit of € 150,000, Mogi Bayat remains in # 39; the storm. But what about his little brother Mehdi Bayat, the director of Sporting Charleroi? "My brother was much of this situation, he did not understand much of what was going on with him. If you are in a cell, 20 hours a day, you are not really set. He is very weak, weak, … The Mogi great mouth we know is not to be recognized, it's a trying experience. "

Mehdi Bayat also has a sales technique that has often been indicated. "I do not say that it's how Mogi uses it, but I do not see where the loss is when an agent loses to sell a player by making more money for a club. "

How often the importance of luxury horrible cases in his eyes of his brother replied: "We have been born since our childhood in this world, because our father is a very long collector. We grew up in two passages: football and watches. I think the second was put in a bad way. "

"SElon me, Mogi has never tried to keep track of matches "

Herman Van Holsbeeck has also agreed to pull out on this whole problem. "By speaking unspeakably, we will conclude that we are the big criminals, " calls the former gang of Anderlecht. "I answer all the questions with the speakers. I was borrowed a few months. I had a look at my home, it's really not homosexual for the family. At the end I was released free without them being accused. "

HvH then the timing of the time will be the highlight of Mogi Bayat on & # 39; the height. "I was seized on April 4, 2018 and one of the first ruling decisions was: Bayat did not return to Neerpede. But some later, when 'Spajić' until Krasnodar, the transfer is paid by Mogi Bayat. Teodorczyk goes to Udinese for 3.5 million, returned by Mogi. Mogi is I, my and I 'it is Napoleon. I have pleaded for him: let us live, live hidden. But he is the victim of his big mouth. Between Mogi and me, there was never anything (Note issued: in terms of fraudulent payments).He may have tried many things to pay for. But after my opinion, he never tried to keep track of matches. "

Another former leader is also confronted in this report. For Roland Duchâtelet, the former boss of Standard, there is delay of special effects to the title of Anderlecht in the 2013-2014 season, but he does not laugh "to get details". What Van Holsbeeck replied: "He is a frustrated person never has anything to win, but to prove it is far more complicated."

About Mogi Bayat, Duchâtelet calls "a very ambitious and dynamic boy, but we have to say, it's Charleroi in all this. Who was the club except Mehdi? ", says the former chairman of # 16 (NdlR: reference to a financial immigration of Mogi within the Sporting Charleroi, as his brother has had things in the club). Had Mehdi Bayat tough to resist: "There is a Licensing Commission that has long discovered this as it is. It is strictly prohibited to see that a player agent is a shareholder in a football club. "

The journalist persecuted and concludes: "It does not hold the same thing at the same time … It's easy to make some arrangements on paper. If we see the symbiosis between the actions of the two brothers … If we see the situation of Mogi Bayat, it's likely that the most important owner of Sporting Charleroi, player agent and a consultant is paid by Anderlecht … It's not in & # 39; the future in Spain or in England! "

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