Tuesday , May 11 2021

Two games are offered every month

Epic has included the Epic Game Store last week, a platform for selling and distributing video games to combat the Giants' giants, including Steam, increasingly executing abuse of dominance.

Thus, Steam is often criticized by independent developers as important publishers to take 30% of sales revenue in its platform. In a situation that is particularly easy for small developers, it is possible to insure massive piracy of PC games.

Epic Game Store 01

Epic launched a long time ago in a fight against these structures that point out the incomes of writers and the publisher has refused to distribute Fortnite to Diffus, a choice also Over the mobile versions has been titled since the 30% commissions are also part of the App Store as the Play Store.

The publisher has therefore chosen to build his own platform and use more attractive fees to try developers and publishers. Epic makes only 12% of commission to remove the content. And to attract players, the platform is never known that it also provides free two games each month in every month.

At the Epic Game Store will be a new game for two weeks every 2 weeks and the offer will begin on December 14 with the title Subnautica will be free until December 27th. Players can play Super Meat Boy on January 10, and other free titles are later made known.

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